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Experiencing the Secret Place
Experiencing the Secret Place by Rholan Wong

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Author: Rholan Wong
Subtitle: 40 Encounters with the Holy Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2020

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These 40 devotions are journeys into encountering the deep places of God’s presence. Each entry contains specific, actionable steps for cultivating a closer relationship with the Lover of Your Soul. These powerful devotionals invite you into a deeper friendship with God than you ever thought was possible.

In these supernatural encounters discover the peace, strength, and life change He promises:
  • In the midst of confusion, find the clarity from hearing God’s voice.
  • When fear comes your way, rest secure in His presence.
  • When impossible situations present themselves, confront them with confidence in His miracle-working power.

The secrets to victory in everyday life come from the secret place of God’s Presence. Encounter Him today!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: How to Use This Book
Intimacy with God: The Starting Point
Week 1: The Whisper Moments
Week 2: The Most Necessary Thing
Week 3: Only One Thing
Week 4: Trusting in the Season of the Unknown
Week 5: Intimacy with God
Week 6: Do You Mind If I Bless You?
Week 7: The Approach
Week 8: Meeting One on One
Week 9: The Grace of God
Week 10: Surrendering in the Wilderness
Week 11: Provision Through Intimacy
Week 12: A Gift for the King
Week 13: Being Jesus’ Beloved Bride
Week 14: Abiding in Jesus
Week 15: Turning Your Gaze Upon Him
Week 16: An Invitation to Tell Secrets
Week 17: Forgiveness
Week 18: Song Bride
Week 19: Getting Drunk in the Spirit
Week 20: Making God Famous
Week 21: Led into Intimacy
Week 22: Led into Intimacy Part 2
Week 23: Led into Intimacy Part 3
Week 24: The Best Mother in the World
Week 25: The Power of Prophecy
Week 26: Dancing with Jesus
Week 27: Doctrine and Revelation
Week 28: God’s Word
Week 29: The Call of the Lover
Week 30: When God Is Silent
Week 31: Know What You Carry
Week 32: Intimate Worship
Week 33: Cry of the Bride
Week 34: Embracing the Mystery of Our God
Week 35: Romance with Jesus
Week 36: Seduction
Week 37: Seeing and Loving with God’s Heart
Week 38: Imitating God
Week 39: Authority in Jesus by Our Declarations
Week 40: The Past Is Meant to Be Just That – The Past!
Appendix: Additional Devotionals

About the Author:
Rholan Wong is the Dean of Students at Kingdom Space Los Angeles, a ministry based on Bethel Church’s School of Supernatural Ministry. He previously was a student in the inaugural class of the Southern California School of Supernatural Ministry in 2012 and subsequently joined the school’s staff. He has earned a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature and published in several local and national publications. He lives in West Los Angeles with his wife, Debbie. They have two adult married children, Derek and Rianna.