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Ever Advancing Kingdom
Ever Advancing Kingdom by Shane Mason

Price: $14.99
Author: Shane Mason
Subtitle: A Prophetic Look into the New Apostolic Reformation and the Coming Shifts in the Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 179 Pages
Published: 2013

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Do you want to see the glory of God cover the earth as the waters cover the sea?  Many voices today are proclaiming gloom and doom and a fast exit by Christ’s Body – His Church.  But is that what the Bible really teaches?  Jesus said He would build His Church and Scripture proclaims He has already triumphed over the powers of evil!  What then can stop Him?  Discover biblical reasons to reject and replace generations of stumbling-blocks with victorious Kingdom thinking and strategies such as:
  • The transcending glory
  • The psychology of the enemy
  • Overcoming the antichrist spirit
  • Coming into the fullness of Christ
  • Defeating religious spirits
  • Growing up vs. going up!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Apostolic Order
Chapter 2: Redemption Manifesting Restoration
Chapter 3: The Psychology of Three Entities
Chapter 4: Overcoming: Complacency, Deception, Antichrist Spirit
Chapter 5: Spiritual Genetics and Destiny Blueprints
Chapter 6: Times of Restitution and Restoration
Chapter 7: Time for a Revolution
Chapter 8: Greater than John
Chapter 9: Defeating the Religious Spirit
Chapter 10: The Ever Advancing Kingdom of God
About the Author


The Lord is raising up apostolic theologians to deal with the subject of the Kingdom from a fresh and revelatory perspective.  Shane’s passion is to see the kingdom of God advance and stir up believers to be a part of it.  Previous teachings that the kingdom was postponed have done serious damage to the mentality of believers, leaving them without a vision for expanding the kingdom from generation to generation.  Consider what is said in this book and, even thought it might be new to some, allow the Lord to give you understanding in all things (2 Tim 2:7).
John Eckhardt, Apostle and Founder or IMPACT Network of Churches Worldwide

Shane Mason is a powerful preacher of the Word and a hammer for the truth.  The apostolic reformation that he prophetically writes about is exactly what I have seen the Lord raising up throughout the earth.  As a prophetic voice, Shane is “Spot On!”  In this book, he casts fresh light on ancient truths.  As he kills and buries theological lies, it is my hope that they are never resurrected.  Read, allow yourself to be stretched and set free!
Jonathan Welton, Bestselling author; Director of the Welton Academy

About the Author:

Shane Mason is a prophetic orator, preacher, teacher and author who has committed his life to the work of total reformation of the Lord’s Church.  His writing style is revelatory and full of insight and foresight into the plans of the Lord for the Church and for the nations.  His ministry is marked by accurate prophetic words, and it is not uncommon for signs and wonders to occur wherever he ministers.  Shane, his wife Lisa and their young son Micah live in and head out their ministry assignments from the Gateway City of Jacksonville, Florida.  He also both teaches and is pursuing his doctorate at Apostles Theological Seminary in Jacksonville.