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Evangelism Unleashed
Evangelism Unleashed by Randy Clark

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Author: Randy Clark
Format: Paperback
Length: 78 Pages
Published: 2005

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In this book, Randy Clark explores the increased effectiveness of evangelism when accompanied by signs and wonders. Join him as he relates stores from the pages of Scripture as well as documented accounts from early church history through present day revivals and visitations of God. In this current strategic era, he concludes that followers of Jesus should employ every resource of the Holy Spirit’s power. As we share this gospel of the Kingdom in power, we will continue to experience exponential growth in the worldwide church as the love of God is poured out in people’s lives.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Testimonies of Modern-Day Evangelists

Chapter 2: Different Types of Evangelism

Chapter 3: Early Examples of Power Evangelism

Chapter 4: Power Evangelism: Spiritual Awakening in Britain and America

Chapter 5: Power Evangelism: Revival Spreads to American Denominations

Chapter 6: Charles Finney: A Sovereign Visitation of God

Chapter 7: Power Evangelism: The Pentecostal Revival Challenges the Church

Chapter 8: A World Tour of Church Growth and Power Evangelism

Chapter 9: Summary


About the Author

On January 20, 1994, an unassuming pastor from St. Louis walked into a small storefront church near the Toronto airport. Originally scheduled for 4 days, his meetings have turned into a worldwide revival that has impacted millions of people!

Often referred to as the catalyst of the Toronto Blessing, Randy is now an international speaker, demonstrating the Lords sovereign power to heal, with great tenacity.

Randy Clarks anointing in healing is only surpassed by his unmistakable teaching gift. Using his extensive educational background, Randy delineates even the most difficult concepts to the lay person.

Randys ministry crosses denominational lines. From the Westminster Chapel in London, to the St. Thomas the apostle Roman Catholic Church in Australia, Randy has been welcomed into a plethora of different streams.

Since that life-changing night, January 20, 1994, Randy has traveled to over 36 countries and continues to travel extensively to see that Gods mandate on his life be fulfilled.