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Escaping the Cauldron
Escaping the Cauldron by Kristine McGuire

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Author: Kristine McGuire
Subtitle: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 211
Published: 2012

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Though Kristine McGuire was raised in a Christian home, at an early age she became fascinated by the occult.  At sleepovers she and her friends told fortunes and held séances.  As a teenager she was convicted and put all games of mysticism aside. She went to a Christian college and married a Christian man.  But despite her decision to follow God, a longing for the occult persisted, leader her to leave her church and husband and to fully embrace witchcraft.

Escaping the Cauldron takes you deep inside Kristine’s eight-year journey as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter.  Part Bible study, part memoir, it exposes the subtle occult influences that affect us as it reveals how God mercifully delivered her out of the occult altogether and restored her faith and life in Christ.

Table of Contents
Introduction: What People Seek
Part 1: The Occult, Wicca, and Witchcraft
Chapter 1: The Occult
Chapter 2: What is Witchcraft?
Chapter 3: Meeting the Goddess
Chapter 4: The Christian Witch
Chapter 5: Creator or Creation?
Chapter 6: Magic: Not Prayer with Props
Chapter 7: Eastern Meditation: Gateway to the Occult
Chapter 8: Divination and Familiar Spirits
Chapter 9: Prodigals Can Always Come Home
Part 2: Ghosts, Mediums, and the Paranormal
Chapter 10: Pursuing the Paranormal
Chapter 11: Spirits: Angels and Demons
Chapter 12: Origins of a Ghost Hunter
Chapter 13: Dangerous Games
Chapter 14: Ghost Stories
Chapter 15: Mediums and Psychics
Chapter 16: Spirit Guides
Chapter 17: When Demons Scream
Chapter 18: Deliver Me From Evil
Part 3: Where Do We Go From Here?
Chapter 19: Give Me a Spotter’s Guide!
Chapter 20: How Should Christians Respond?
Chapter 21: Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 22: The Dangers of Dabbling
Chapter 23: What about Harry Potter?
Chapter 24: The Twilight Saga
Chapter 25: Scary Movies
Chapter 26: The Origins of Halloween
Chapter 27: Spiritual Warfare
Part 4: The Extra-Special Stuff
Chapter 28: You Can Know Jesus – Ask Me How
Chapter 29: What to do About Yoga?
Chapter 30: Time for the Q and A
Appendix A: A Glossary of Occult Words
Appendix B: My Ghost-Hunting Days
Appendix C: My 2009 Mission Trip to Costa Rica
Appendix D: A Note From Kristine

Kristine McGuire writes with refreshing vulnerability as she shares her experiences as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter.  Without sensationalism or glorification of evil, Kristine effectively walks the reader through personal and sometimes terrifying experiences and into the beautiful deliverance.  Using Scripture to anchor her words, she encourages the church to love and not condemn those trapped in Satan’s snare.  A must-read for Christian parents.
Tracey Bateman, Author of Widow of Saunders Creek

Confronting the growing pop culture interest in the paranormal and taking the reader through the many stages of her initial interest and subsequent professional experiences, Kristine McGuire boldly proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Keiki Hendrix, The Vessel Project and Christian Book Examiner

About the Author
Kristine McGuire spent eight years blending Christianity with the occult.  She has been a Solitary Eclectic Christian Witch, a clairsentient medium, and a lead investigating member of a paranormal enthusiast group.  Kristine is a popular blogger and speaker.  Her writing has been featured on Faithful Devotions, Focus on the Family, and Crosslinks websites.