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Empowered Women
Empowered Women by Michal Ann Goll with James Goll

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Author: Michael Ann Goll with James Goll
Subtitle: Find Your Strength and Inspiration
Format: Paperback
Length: 247 Pages

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Empowered Women is a devotional dedicated to the memory of Michal Ann Goll and to the honor of all believers in Christ who are passionate about helping others. It is a compilation of the best from three of her books in the Women on the Front Lines series: A Call to Courage; A Call to the Secret Place; Compassion: A Call to Take Action.

This inspiring and challenging devotional serves as a motivation for all who want to follow Michal Anns example of prayer, the presence of God, and impacting others through a faith that fights for the rights of the disenfranchised worldwide.

You will enjoy not only the insights but the depth of compassion found within Empowered Women. You will be lifted above the daily grind into a realm of spiritual, mental, and emotional peace and comfort where you can allow God to immerse you with His love and grace.

Michal Anns extravagant and contagious love for others is manifested in this devotional and exemplified through the examples she chose to write about including Fanny Crosby, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Madame Jeanne Guyon, and Catherine Booth.

It has been my goal and desire to love the Lord with all my heart all the days of my life. My desire is to leave with my family, friends and ministry partners a challenge to always love and honor God with all your life. I request that you not forget the poor that Jesus died for, and that you carry on my ministry of Compassion Acts to the world. Michal Ann Goll, February 4, 2008

Table of Contents

Foreword by Don Milam

Foreword by James Goll

Day 1: Fearless and Free

Day 2: Dare to Dream

Day 3: Annie Get Your Gun

Day 4: Courage for the Cause: Joan of Arc

Day 5: Exposed to the Wild Beasts: Vibia Perpetua

Day 6: I Met God! Sojourner Truth

Day 7: The Moses of Her People: Harriet Tubman

Day 8: Overcoming Challenges: Aimee Semple McPherson

Day 9: The Peace of Jerusalem: Lydia Prince

Day 10: Prelude to Revival: Bertha Smith

Day 11: Saving Gods People: Corrie ten Boom

Day 12: Turning Darkness Into Light: Jackie Pullingter-To

Day 13: You Are Chosen!

Day 14: Seize the Day

Day 15: Inner Quiet Prayer

Day 16: Meeting God

Day 17: Enter the Secret Place

Day 18: Intimacy With God

Day 19: Spiritual Intimacy: Madame Jeanne Guyon

Day 20: The Secret Place of Teresa of Avila

Day 21: Powerful Songs: Fanny Crosby

Day 22: Innovator and Educator: Susanna Wesley

Day 23: The Sisterhood of Mary: Basilea Schlink

Day 24: End-Time Handmaidens: Gwen Shaw

Day 25: To Know Christ: Elizabeth Alves

Day 26: Going to the Cross

Day 27: A Pilgrims Progress

Day 28: Will You Join Me?

Day 29: Justice, Righteousness, and Compassion

Day 30: The Power of Tears

Day 31: Trailblazer for Women: Catherine Booth

Day 32: Beloved Woman of the Cherokee: Nancy Ward

Day 33: More Than a Nurse: Florence Nightingale

Day 34: Approved by God: Gladys Aylward

Day 35: Paragon of Compassion: Mother Teresa

Day 36: Five Empowered Women

Day 37: Empowered Living: Heidi Baker

Day 38: Make It Personal

Day 39: Empowerment Through Compassion

Day 40: Become Empowered Today

About the Author

Michal Ann Goll was the founder of Compassion Acts and the cofounder of Encounters Network with her husband, James. She ministered worldwide and was known for her life of prayer and passion for others and for God. James and Michal Ann were married for over 32 years until her graduation into Heaven in September 2008. They had four children.