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Ekklesia Rising
Ekklesia Rising by Liz Wright

Price: $12.99
Author: Liz Wright
Subtitle: Visitations from Jesus Revealing the Truth and Power of Who We Really Are
Format: Paperback
Length: 95 Pages
Published: 2018

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We are rising out of the ashes of pain and powerless religion, becoming a pure reflection of God in the earth. Destined to be fully filled with His beautiful, powerful Spirit we are together, an emerging unstoppable force of love and transforming authority.

A people the realm of darkness cannot prevail against.

As we learn to abide, experiencing and yielding to His life changing indwelling Presence, we receive the ability to live out of who we truly are in Christ. We find His Spirit increasingly flowing through us to heal and align every aspect of our life and identity with truth and to restore every hurting life we touch.

Where life’s challenges, the brokenness in others or the enemy’s lies have defined you and held you captive, as you read the heart and wisdom of Jesus contained within these pages the eyes of your understanding will be flooded with light. You will become empowered to experience a level of freedom and peace you never thought possible. With a renewed security in the absolute love of God, you will be set free to live out of your authentic self and so begin to produce your highest purpose.

We are children of light, carriers of God, we are the most valuable, powerful thing in all of creation.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Wendy Alec
The Invitation
The Power of Who We Really Are
The Coming Glory
Living in Christ
Our Inheritance
His Great Love
For All Who are Hurting
The Power of a Surrendered Life
The Redemption of Pain
Ekklesia Rising
About Liz Wright


I have known Liz Wright for over fifteen years and she has always been a living picture of the Bride of Christ to me. She has these wild encounters that are grounded in scriptural truth and then imparts the culture of the heart of Jesus towards his bride. It is amazing that she captured this in a book.

This book imparts core identity for Christians, as well as empowers perspective on our right to overcome and become exactly what God originally intended. Liz shares vulnerably and authentically out of her own past, her visitations with God, and her biblical perspective. It will bring an alignment in your perspective while allowing you to be a part of some wonderful God visitations that are some of the rarest in our generation.
Shawn Bolz, senior pastor, Expression58, Los Angeles