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E W Kenyon And His Message of Faith
E W Kenyon And His Message of Faith by Joe McIntyre

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Author: Joe McIntyre
Subtitle: The True Story
Format: Paperback
Length: 392 Pages
Published: 1997/2010

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Few authors have been misrepresented and falsely accused as much as E.W. Kenyon. This book examines the claims of his critics and provides evidence that refutes their misguided assertions. The majority of the defense of Kenyon’s theology comes from his own published and unpublished works. In this way, Kenyon is allowed to respond to his critics by his own testimony regarding who really influenced him. Many influential Evangelical leaders of the late nineteenth century helped shape this theology and these men and women are given credit by Kenyon in his writings. In order for his critics to make their case, they passed over the obvious and speculated freely without evidence. It is amazing that this has passed for scholarship.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Early Days
Chapter 2: Days of Darkness
Chapter 3: Emerson College of Oratory
Chapter 4: Restored
Chapter 5: Formative Years
Chapter 6: The Holiness Movement
Chapter 7: The Faith Cure
Chapter 8: More Faith Cure Influences
Chapter 9: Moody’s Warriors
Chapter 10: The Life of Trust
Chapter 11: Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher
Chapter 12: Kenyon’s Bible School
Chapter 13: Pentecostalism
Chapter 14: Triumph and Tragedy in Southern California
Chapter 15: The Fruitful Northwest Years
Chapter 16: The Sufferings of Christ
Chapter 17: Concurring Voices on the Sufferings of Christ
Chapter 18: The Finished Work of Christ
Chapter 19: Revelation Knowledge
Chapter 20: The Metaphysical Cults
Chapter 21: Positive Confession
Chapter 22: The Believer’s Authority
Chapter 23: The Father and His Family
Appendix 1
Appendix 2


Joe McIntyre has given us a priceless volume on the life of E.W. Kenyon. Few men have been more maligned and misrepresented to the church than this man. This book has been written honestly, with much research and style. It is refreshing not only to see his role in church history more clearly, but also to do so with ever increasing faith. By simply reading this book, we can access a tremendous grace to believe God for more.
Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding CA

Joe McIntyre’s book is a must read. It is one of only a handful of books that I have read twice, including every endnote. I believe this book is one of the most important books today to bring clarity to an area where there has been much confusion, misinformation, and actual intentional misrepresentation. I count it a privilege to write an endorsement for E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: The True Story. I like this book so much that I don’t think there is any other book, other than my There Is More, that I promote more at my three Schools of Healing and Impartation.
Randy Clark, Global Awakening, Mechanicsburg, PA

About the Author:

Joe McIntyre is the founder and senior minister of Word of His Grace Church. Joe desires to see the church come to know their identity in Christ. He has authored six books with a vision of seeing believers established in Christ and walking in faith and their God-given authority. He is also the president of Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society which publishes the writings of E.W. Kenyon. Joe’s first book was a response to Kenyon’s (and the Faith Movement’s) critics entitled E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: the True Story. His latest work unfolds the authority we have in Christ. It is entitled Throne Life.