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Down to Business
Down to Business by Ian Clayton

Price: $18.99
Author: Ian Clayton
Format: Paperback
Length: 223 Pages
Published: 2019

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Ian Clayton shares his journey in business in this revelatory new volume. As sons of YHVH, as well as employers or business owners we are called to operate not by worldly standards, but from the realms of Kingdom government. Our ability to become kings and priests in the marketplace comes down to the basis of our heart connection with YHVH.

Moving and functioning out of our position in Heaven, not moving to and fro in the earth, allows us to operate in the business world from Heaven’s perspective. But before we can engage in Kingdom business, we must be positioned in a place of rest. Only then can we find and operate in the strategies of Heaven’s business plan.

This book includes:
  • Embracing Your Business
  • Treasury Room Inside Your Mountain
  • Government of the Seat of Rest
  • Rich Man, Wise Steward, Perfect Son
  • The Spirit of Wisdom
  • The Spiritual Perspective of Business
  • Positioned

Table of Contents:
What others are saying about Ian Clayton & Down to Business
Embracing Your Business
Moving Within Your Mountain
Treasury Room Inside Your Mountain
Rich Man, Wise Steward, Perfect Son
Government of the Seat of Rest
The Function of Wisdom
The Journey into Business
The Mystery of Business
The Spiritual Perspective of Business
Wisdom in Business
About Ian


Yahweh’s financial kingdom does not follow the world’s financial models or its laws. It is shrouded in mystery and yet profoundly reliable. The foundational basis for this is an engaged, proactive relationship with YHVH and His heavenly realms as they relate to our lives and our businesses. Ian explains all of this in a way that is refreshingly unique and in my experience one that produces significantly impressive results. I endorse his work here without reservation.
Dale Beasse, President/CEO, Bekerman Properties, Inc.

About the Author:
Ian Clayton lives in New Zealand with his wife and family. He is the founder of Son of Thunder Ministries and speaks globally, helping believers to personally experience all that is spoken of in the Bible. Ian Clayton is one of the fathers of current heavenly realms understanding. His original, ground-breaking teaching and practical insights, gained over more than 25 years, have changed the way our generation experience the role of sonship that YHVH has opened up for us.