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Divine Healing Made Simple
Divine Healing Made Simple by Praying Medic

Price: $16.99
Author: Praying Medic
Subtitle: Making Healing and Miracles a Part of Your Everday Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 252 Pages
Published: 2013

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Isn’t it time someone wrote a book that gives honest answers to the difficult questions you have about healing and the supernatural?

Why are my prayers ineffective when I ask God to heal someone?

Many people have prayed for my healing – so why am I still not healed?

Does God want me to learn a lesson through physical suffering and sickness?

I was miraculously healed through prayer – why have my symptoms returned?

Get the answers to these questions . . . and many more.

Divine Healing Made Simple is a training manual for the supernatural life. It covers the topic of divine healing, but also presents insight on other topics including deliverance, raising the dead, words of knowledge, making disciples, how God may be speaking to you through dreams, and how to use healing where you work. You’ll be encouraged and given hope by the testimonies and dreams you’ll read about.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Misconceptions and Myths about Healing
Chapter 2: The Biblical Basis for Healing
Chapter 3: Identity
Chapter 4: Dreams and Visions
Chapter 5: Healing and Relationships
Chapter 6: Motives for Healing
Chapter 7: Faith for Healing
Chapter 8: Power and Authority for Healing
Chapter 9: God’s Healing Presence
Chapter 10: Freeing the Prisoners
Chapter 11: Healing 101
Chapter 12: The Word of Knowledge
Chapter 13: Healing: A Tool for Evangelism and a Gift
Chapter 14: Street Healing
Chapter 15: Healing in the Workplace
Chapter 16: Healing in Heath Care
Chapter 17: Deliverance
Chapter 18: Raising the Dead
Chapter 19: Proclaiming the Kingdom
Chapter 20: Making Disciples
Chapter 21: persistence Pays Off
Chapter 22: Receiving Our Healing
Chapter 23: Keeping Our Healing
Chapter 24: When People Aren’t Healed
Chapter 25: Fasting
Chapter 26: Recording the Testimony
Chapter 27: The Future of Healing
Chapter 28: Greater Works

About the Author:

Praying Medic is a former atheist who has worked as a paramedic for decades. After having a dramatic encounter where God told him He would use him to heal the sick, he began praying with his patients and with strangers and has seen thousands of them healed. Through dreams, online discussions, and hands-on experience, he has discovered the answers to some of the most common questions people have about healing. In the past, it seems many of these questions have not been answered adequately – or worse, not answered at all.

Miracles are happening every day through the prayers of average men and women on the street and in workplaces. This book celebrates what God is doing today and shows you how miracles can become a part of your everyday life.