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Discovering & Releasing Your Prophetic Voice
Discovering & Releasing Your Prophetic Voice by Rob Sanchez

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Author: Rob Sanchez
Subtitle: How Everyday People Can Operate in the Prophetic Dimension
Format: Paperback
Length: 163 Pages
Published: 2021

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Rob Sanchez was set apart from the time of birth to be a prophet and prophetic equipper.

“My mother fixed her thoughts on the Lord. Exhausted and desperate, she cried out ‘Lord, if you save my son, I’ll dedicate him to you all the days of his life.’ My mother recalls feeling the hand of an angel touch her the moment she prayed that prayer – it very well could have been the hand of the Lord, because by that touch, she was filled with peace.” God supernaturally spared Rob’s life so he could train and quip you to go on your own prophetic journey!

In Christian circles, prophecy is a term often shrouded in mystery and obscured by controversy. But Jesus moved in prophetic response to the Father with every action and conversation. His model normalizes prophecy for every believer.

So how do you approach prophecy like Jesus? This is the question that seasoned prophetic minister, Rob Sanchez answers in Discovering and Releasing Your Prophetic Voice. Drawing from over 20 years of ministry experience and prophetic encounters with God, Rob demystifies this spiritual gift, equipping you with practical instruction to boldly use prophecy in your everyday interactions.

Discovering and Releasing Your Prophetic Voice will help you . . .
  • Overcome fear of delivering prophetic words.
  • Acquire an easier prophetic flow by easily hearing God’s voice in every situation.
  • Avoid common pitfalls in prophetic ministry.
  • Enjoy powerful encounters with God.
  • Witness God’s power at work in exciting, miraculous ways.

God still speaks through His people, and He wants to speak through you. This book is a practical, powerful introduction to prophecy for everyday believers like you. Read it, and see your every interaction transformed by His presence!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Set Apart
Chapter 2: Radical Obedience
Chapter 3: Worship
Chapter 4: The Seemingly Strange
Chapter 5: Restoration
Chapter 6: Healing
Chapter 7: Heaven Is Open
Chapter 8: Deliverance from the Demonic
Chapter 9: The Future Revealed
Chapter 10: Secrets
Chapter 11: The Little Things
Chapter 12: Last Thoughts

About the Author:
Rob Sanchez, called by God to the Body of Christ, encourages every generation he encounters to awaken to God’s Kingdom within them. Through a timely message from the Spirit of God, believers have been released into their God-given destinies and flourished within their local church. Together with his wife, Juanita, they are also busy with the joy of raising three daughters in Central California.