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Developing Prophetic Culture
Developing Prophetic Culture by Phil Wilthew

Price: $13.99
Author: Phil Wlthew
Subtitle: Building Healthy Churches that Hear Jesus Clearly
Format: Paperback
Length: 174 Pages
Published: 2016

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In Developing Prophetic Culture, Phil Wilthew articulates God’s heart for creating vibrant churches and Christians who know how to hear God’s voice with great clarity. Using more than two decades of experience, Phil unlocks some of the keys to building environments that develop prophets and prophetic people in a healthy, Bible-honoring and Jesus-centered way.

If you have a desire to grow in the prophetic, train and release prophetic people or develop radical Kingdom culture in the Church, reading this book is an absolute must. God is raising up a prophetic people who will carry the gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. In this book Phil inspires us to take our place in His purposes as we embrace the call to build healthy cultures that hear God’s voice. Let the prophetic revolution begin!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Doughnuts and a Date with Destiny: Discovering a Prophetic Culture
Chapter 1: New Creation Reality: Rediscovering the Lenses of Kingdom Culture
Chapter 2: The Ultimate Goal of the Cross: The Restoration of Sonship
Chapter 3: The Opportunity of Community: Creating Prophetic Teams
Chapter 4: Finding God’s Architects: Recognizing and Releasing Culture-Building Prophets
Chapter 5: Stewards of Revelation: Learning to Build with What You Have
Chapter 6: Prophetic Activation: Creating the Spark That Keeps on Burning
Chapter 7: The Rudder on Your Ship: Harnessing the Power of the Tongue
Chapter 8: Holy Spirit Order: Learning to Let Revelation Flow in Corporate Worship
Chapter 9: God’s Secret Weapon: The Son of Encouragement
Chapter 10: Changing the World through Crazy Courage: Failure is an Option, Timidity is Not

In this excellent new book, Phil Wilthew refreshingly sets prophetic ministry in the contexts of our sonship, community and a broad biblical view of the Kingdom of God. It is also full of practical and wise application. I am very happy to commend Developing Prophetic Culture to you.
David Devenish, International Church Planter

Phil paints a beautiful picture of how intentionally creating a prophetic culture enables Kingdom life to flow into the through individual believers and gathered churches.
Wendy Mann, author of Naturally Supernatural and Leader of Training for Supernatural Ministry School, Bedford, UK

This book will unlock your church to see itself as the prophetic community it is and God’s preferred method to change the world. Read it, it will do you good!
Julian Adams, author of Gaining Heaven’s Perspective, prophet and teacher based in Durban, South Africa

About the Author:
Phil Wilthew is a prophet and teacher based at the King’s Arms Church, Bedford, where a rediscovery of God’s Father heart and the message of the Kingdom has led to the creation of a pioneering and radical community of believers. Phil’s passion is to multiply prophetic ministry across the world and to mobilize God’s people to take their place in His purposes. Phil is married to Carole and has two children.