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Desperate For New Wine
Desperate For New Wine by David Herzog

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Author: David Herzog
Subtitle: The Doorway into Your Harvest
Format: Paperback
Length: 204 Pages

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Are you satisfied with church as usual, or are you desperately thirsty for more and ready to move from renewal to revival to harvest!? Desperate for New Wine excites, challenges, and encourages all who genuinely want more of God.

Believers worldwide are being overcome by the Spirit of God. The current move of the Spirit is escalating towards what may be the greatest harvest that the world has ever seen. You are now entering the nameless, faceless revival, writes author David Herzog who has experienced the Word confirmed with numerous creative miracles, signs, wonders that has lead to mass salvations reaching Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists around the world. He leads you step-by-step into a more personal, intimate life with Christ.

Using Jesus miracle of turning water into wine as a metaphor of the new wine of renewal that began to Pentecost and continues throughout the world, stimulating discussion centers on how you can drink in the new wine of Gods supernatural presence and love.

You are handed the keys to receive Gods new wine anointing and discover the importance of His new move in the context of world history and the end times.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mahesh Chavda


Chapter 1: Empty Your Waterpot

Chapter 2: Unspeakable Joy

Chapter 3: Receiving New Wine

Chapter 4: Keeping and Multiplying the New Wine

Chapter 5: Manifestations of New Wine

Chapter 6: Falling in Love

Chapter 7: Questions and Concerns

Chapter 8: New Wine Anointings

Chapter 9: New Wine Draws in New Guests

Chapter 10: The Fig Tree and the Vine

About the Author

David Herzog operates in the glory, prophetic, revelatory, apostolic training, and evangelistic realms as creative miracles, signs, and wonders flow. He ministers in conferences, crusades, and revivals worldwide. David has authored several books and often appears on nationwide television. His program, The Glory Zone is broadcast worldwide. David, Stephanie, and their three daughters live in Sedona, Arizona.