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Deliverance from Mental Turmoil and Blockages CD Set
Deliverance from Mental Turmoil and Blockages CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $35.00
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 4 CDs
Published: 2019

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There are two major strategies by the enemy: to deceive and destroy. We call the deceptive package the Queen of Heaven and the destroying package the Antichrist spirit.

Most of us have had intense, prolonged debates between our logic and our emotions. We know that a particular social situation was just a small blip, but he Queen of Heaven unleashes a tsunami of emotional exaggeration that is impervious to your reasoning.

Similarly, we invest in wise strategy for life, implement principles, only to see devouring of our health, our community, our finances and our relationship to God. This is the Antichrist spirit. This album will give you some insight into the background of these two strategies, some diagnostic tools, as well as an extensive deliverance prayer for each.

All of this was set in the background of the Land Dynamics seminar in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2019.

The specific focus was on two ley lines in the city carrying those two demonic entities. You will learn much about city reaching dynamics in this album, as well as the specific application to your own life.

This album is in English with German translation.

This album was released in 2019.

This is a four CD set.

CD 1: The Deadly Team
Time of War
Demonic Entities
Bad People
The Synergy
Devil’s Finest Hour
Your Life

CD 2: The Queen of Heaven
Three Strategies
Deliverance Prayer

CD 3: The Antichrist Spirit
Kinds of Death
The Brain
Deliverance Prayer

CD 4: Strategy
Ley Lines
Discerning Ley Lines
Insbruck & Tyrol