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Deliver our Children from the Evil One
Deliver our Children from the Evil One by Noel and Phyl Gibson

Price: $19.99
Author: Noel and Phyl Gibson
Format: Paperback
Length: 308 Pages
Published: 1992/2017

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This book is both preventative and therapeutic. Married couples who are not yet parents should read and absorb its contents, so should parents who are already experiencing difficulty with their children.

How can children become demonized? How can the symptoms be recognized? How can parents defend their children against satanic attacks? How should we pray for our children? These and many other such question are frankly and intelligently addressed by the authors.

Use this book as a highly effective instructional and training manual.

Table of Contents:


Foreword – Peter and Doris Wagner

Comments – Noel and Phyl Gibson’s daughter

Quotes on Deliver Our Children from the Evil One

Chapter 1: Love is Not Blind, but it Can Get a Little Out of Focus!

Chapter 2: Read the Fine Print First

Chapter 3: Keys to Ideal Parenthood

Chapter 4: When 1 + 1 ay Equal 3 or 4 or More

Chapter 5: The Beginning of the Most Important Forty Weeks of Our Lives

Chapter 6: Look Out World – Here We Come

Chapter 7: Whatever Has Gone Wrong?

Chapter 8: Digging Out More Roots

Chapter 9: How Parents May Cause Their Children’s School Teachers to Have Problems

Chapter 10: Stop Them Playing Russian Roulette

Chapter 11: Concrete Boots – The Appropriate Penalty for Sexually Defiling Children

Chapter 12: The Tragic Long-Term Results of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Chapter 13: Many of Our Children’s Problems are Caused by the Evil One

Chapter 14: The School Where All Mothers are Students (Phyl Gibson)

Chapter 15: How Parents Can Defend Their Children Against Satanic Attacks

Chapter 16: How Parents May Pray for the Freedom of Their Children from Demonic Activities

Chapter 17: Become a Soul Winner in Your Own Home

Chapter 18: Demonic Oppressions from Which Children and Teenagers Need Deliverance

Chapter 19: How Parents Can Be Blessed by Their Children

Chapter 20: WARNING! A Spiritual Predator is at Large Attacking Babies, Children, and Young People

Chapter 21: “To Our Children, We Give, Devise, and Bequeath . . .”

Chapter 22: When Pastors, Counselors and Youth Workers Minister Deliverance to Children and Teenagers

Chapter 23: Some Real and Potential Problems in Young People’s Deliverance

Chapter 24: Wanted – a Future Generation


About the Authors:

Through Freedom in Christ Ministries, Noel and Phyl Gibson have been teaching, writing and ministering deliverance within the Body of Christ throughout Australia and internationally for many years. Having three children of their own and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they have written from their wealth of expertise. Noel went to be with the Lord in 1997 and Phyl in 2013 but Freedom in Christ lives on under the oversight of their children and grandchildren.