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Defeating the Python Spirit
Defeating the Python Spirit by Prayer Madueke

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Author: Prayer Madueke
Subtitle: Discover the Symptoms of this Spirit and How it Operates. Contains Dangerous Prayers and Decrees to Break Free from its Squeezing Stronghold!
Format: Paperback
Length: 139 Pages
Published: 2021

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Python spirit is one of the principal agents of Satan, under Leviathan. It has remarkable evil qualities. Given these gruesome qualities which python, serpents and cobras possess, there is no way this archenemy of humankind and God can be sympathetic towards his victims. Human messengers of python spirit look down on everyone and instills fearlessness in his agents everywhere. His covenant with any human being is unto death and always take preeminence in any relationship dictating and giving orders. When python spirit is programmed into the sea of your life, body organs are troubled, swell or shrink in size. People possessed with python spirit are never submissive. They make trouble wherever they are until they get to the top to divert divine orders. In times of war, they rule and reign by causing anguish without mercy with the strength of lions, vipers, and fiery serpents.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Python Spirit
Chapter 2: Activities of Python Spirit
Chapter 3: Problems from the Python World

Warfare Section
Decrees against Python Spirit
Decrees against Problems from Python Spirit
Decrees against Poor Finishing
Power to Overthrow the Enemy
Power to Discover the Enemy’s Secrets
I Refuse to Surrender
I Shall not Labor in Vain
Breaking the Yokes of Hell
Power to Excel
Victory over Death
Power in the Name of Jesus
For Peace in Marriage
Sending Fire into Evil Altars
Blood of Jesus, Kill and Go
Firing Arrows into the Dark
Praying for Divine Mercy

About the Author:
Prayer Madueke is a notable spiritual warfare expert. From humble beginnings, he has risen through the ranks after serving in national and international capacities. A dynamic deliverance minister, proclaimer of holiness, and a prolific writer, whose works have profited many people around the world, Prayer Madueke has continued to declare that effective prayers of the righteous people avail much. Presently, he is the founder of Prayer Emancipation Missions. He is happily married to Roseline, and they are blessed with wonderful children.