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Dealing with Costly Words and Actions DVD
Dealing with Costly Words and Actions DVD by Selwyn Stevens

Price: $18.50
Author: Selwyn Stevens
Subtitle: From Barrenness to Fruitfulness
Format: DVD
Length: 72 Minutes

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Dealing with Costly Words and Actions - from Barrenness to Fruitfulness offers hope for all Christians that they can be released into the Blessings of God and forever leave behind iniquities and curses that have kept them captive, perhaps their whole families for generations.

Experience has shown that generational sins and iniquities play a much larger place in people's lives and mishaps than most have realized. This is now well-recognized in the field of secular social work and counseling. But, for too long, the church has failed to give adequate attention to this and the clarity with which the Bible establishes the connection and also leads the Holy Spirit filled believer to the solution.