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Daniel Fast For Spiritual Breakthrough
Daniel Fast For Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer Towns

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Author: Elmer Towns
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 Pages
Published: 2010

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Fasting has always been a powerful spiritual discipline, and the Daniel Fast has long been a popular form of fasting. But what is the Daniel Fast?

When the prophet Daniel was taken captive into Babylon, the king saw in him a promising leader and administrator. If only the young man could be Babylon-ized, perhaps he would help the king rule over the exiled Jews. The kings first step toward Daniels corruption was to provide a sumptuous menu to tempt him, full of fattening comfort foods and rich wines. The prophets response was to eat only vegetables and drink only water. He chose to honor God over the king.

The prophet Daniel is a model for anyone who longs to honor God and experience the spiritual breakthrough that begins with prayer and self-disciple. In this new guide to fasting, Dr. Elmer Towns, author of Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, coaches you through a 10-day or 21-day period of renewal. He answers practical questions, such as what to eat and when, and addresses deeper issues as well how to pray effectively, how to encounter God during your fast, how to worship through self-discipline, how to pray for specific answers, and, at the same time, how to fast with a healthy diet. Youll also find original Daniel Fast recipes created by executive chef John P. Perkins. Choose spiritual nourishment over bodily satisfaction, as Daniel did, and invite God to change your life!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Larry Stockstill


Section 1: About the Daniel Fast

Chapter 1: What is Fasting?

Chapter 2: What is a Daniel Fast?

Chapter 3: Why Choose to Fast?

Chapter 4: Why Vow?

Chapter 5: What Can I Withhold?

Chapter 6: What is the Primary Focus of the Daniel Fast?

Chapter 7: How Can I Prepare for My Fast?

Section 2: Daily Readings

Day 1: Your Private Prayer in a Daniel Fast

Day 2: Joining Others in a Daniel Fast

Day 3: Daily Commitment During Your Fast

Day 4: Praying and Fasting for a Project

Day 5: The Benefits of a Lengthy Fast

Day 6: Saying No in Prayer

Day 7: The Persistence of a Daniel Fast

Day 8: Intimacy with God

Day 9: Giving Thanks in Prayer

Day 10: Fasting to Hunger After God

Day 11: Prayer is Asking

Day 12: Fasting to Worship God

Day 13: Fasting to Locate Sin

Day 14: Dont Violate Your Fast

Day 15: The Prayer of Crucifixion

Day 16: Weeping While Praying

Day 17: Introspective Prayer

Day 18: Resting in Prayer

Day 19: Urgent Prayer

Day 20: Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Day 21: Stay in the Moment

Section 3: Appendices

Appendix A: Nine Kinds of Fasts Found in Scripture

Appendix B: Six Ways to FastAppendix C: Recipes to Use During a Daniel Fast


This book is meant for this moment! The Holy Spirit is calling each believer to lay hold of the power of fasting with prayer! Daniels prayer and fasting literally affected a shaping of history at a desperate time in the ancient world. Today, we are at a profound, prophetic intersection in time one calling us to lay hold of the practical guidelines unfolded in this book. The Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough shows how Gods people can see the same results in our generation but on Jesus terms: This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29).

Dr. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, The Kings College and Seminary; Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

About the Author

Elmer Towns is vice president and dean of the School of Religion at Liberty University, which he cofounded in 1971. He teaches the 2,000 member pastors Sunday School class at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Dr. Towns is a Gold Medallion Award-winning author, and his books include Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, How to Pray When You Dont Know What to Say, and Whats Right with the Church. Elmer and his wife, Ruth, have three grown children.