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Daily Decrees for Accessing Abundance
Daily Decrees for Accessing Abundance by Joshua Fowler

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Author: Joshua Fowler
Subtitle: Discover the Power of Job 22
Format: Paperback
Length: 141 Pages
Published: 2017

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The body of Christ must break out of a just-get-by, poverty-ridden mentality if the church is going to win the world to Jesus. There is a life of abundance – prosperity, health, and favor – available to every believer when they decree the Word of God over their lives. Like the kings of old speaking decrees over their lands, we are to speak decrees over our lives, inspired by God’s own words.

In Daily Decrees for Accessing Abundance, Joshua Fowler welcomes you into the life-changing “Decree Dimension” and invites you to discover the power of Job 22 by entering into a 22-Day Decree Challenge. Learn what decrees are and how they work. Then experience twenty-two specific daily decrees – each with supporting Scripture and a journaling section – that will impact your life and change the world.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Chapter 1: The Power of the Decree
Chapter 2: Access
Chapter 3: Accessing Abundance
Chapter 4: Keys for Abundance
Chapter 5: What’s So Special about You?
Chapter 6: The Decree Dimension
Chapter 7: Ten Keys for Decrees
The 22-Day Decree Challenge:
Day 1: The Decision Decree
Day 2: The Blessing Decree
Day 3: The Abundance Decree
Day 4: The Royal Decree
Day 5: The Dreamer’s Decree
Day 6: The Harvest of Souls Decree
Day 7: The Favor Decree
Day 8: The Power Decree
Day 9: The Timing Decree
Day 10: The Double Decree
Day 11: The Doer’s Decree
Day 12: The Governor’s Decree
Day 13: The Heir’s Decree
Day 14: The Increase Decree
Day 15: The Prosperity Decree
Day 16: The Sower’s Decree
Day 17: The Reaper’s Decree
Day 18: The Expansion Decree
Day 19: The Debt-Free Decree
Day 20: The Fire Decree
Day 21: The Acceleration Decree
Day 22: The Super Decree
Day 23: Write Your Own Decree
Epilogue: What’s Next?

As I began reading through Joshua’s latest book, Daily Decrees for Accessing Abundance, I heard this verse of Scripture rise within me: “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways” (Job 22:28). Suddenly I knew that this book was going to speak volumes – and it did not disappoint. As you read this book, be ready not only to hear from God, but also to be moved to respond to what you hear, and thereby to experience Him in a fresh, new way! Be blessed and encouraged as I was.
Dr. Michael Scantlebury, Apostle, Dominion-Life International Ministries

Nothing happens until someone decrees it! This is starting point of Joshua Fowler’s latest book that takes the reader on a journey to discover who they are, why they are alive, and what is available to them. This book is simple yet profound, theological yet practical. It uncovers truth in the bible and truth in the human heart.
Mark W. Pfeifer, International Director, International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

In John 1:1 we read, ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ In other words, before the beginning there was something that existed. That something was the Word. Before anything begins in your life it needs a word in order to have the right to begin. In Daily Decrees for Accessing Abundance, Joshua Fowler has written a clear and precise guide to help us unlock resources and treasures of the kingdom like never before. If you know there are things being ‘held back’ from you in life, this book you hold is a must-read!
Bishop Gary Oliver, Tabernacle of Praise, Fort Worth, TX

About the Author:
Joshua Fowler is the apostle and lead minister of Legacy Life Church in Orlando, Florida. As a fifth-generation minister, he has a rich heritage of ministry with a great-grandfather who preached seventy years and grandfather who started two missions on a Native American reservation. From birth, Joshua travelled throughout America with his parents in evangelistic ministry. Joshua celebrated his thirtieth ministry anniversary in January 2017. He is a sought-after national and international conference speaker and has ministered extensively in many nations around the world. Joshua is the author of five other books, including Prophetic Praise. He is also a gifted musician, psalmist, and a recording artist.
Joshua convenes regional, national, and global five-fold roundtables and gatherings throughout the year, which as many as 1,500 leaders from five continents, twenty-six nations, and twenty-five states have attended. Joshua ministers with apostolic authority and prophetic precision to equip believers to build a legacy that awakens nations and generations. He and his family live in Orlando, Florida.