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Crown Her As King
Crown Her As King by Susan Dewbrew

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Author: Susan Dewbrew
Subtitle: Restoring God's Glory to the Bride of Christ
Format: Paperback
Length: 116 Pages
Published: 2014

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Have you felt like there is something wrong with the church at large, but you just can’t put your finger on it? To heal a cancerous condition one must first get an accurate diagnosis and then execute a strategic plan of attack.

Table of Contents:

Books in the Series
Foreword by Mark Virkler
Chapter 1: Read Me First
Chapter 2: why Send Mary?
Chapter 3: She has Chaldee!
Chapter 4: Faulty Filters
Chapter 5: The Hearts of Men are Now Ready
Chapter 6: Changing classes
Chapter 7: to Tell a Lie . . . Make it Big!
Chapter 8: From Cursed to Crowned
Group Discussion Questions
Going Deeper – Private Time Questions


With refreshing optimism and not a hint of the feminist Jezebel spirit, Susan invites us to travel with her as she discovers more of God’s plan for women, His Church and indeed, the world. In what could potentially be a divisive presentation, Susan’s sweet spirit and sincere humility make her message easy to receive, as does her passionate love for Christ and His Church which come shining through on every page . . . Filled with hope, faith and contagious enthusiasm, Susan inspires us to live in God’s original design for both men and women – taking dominion together over the earth, bringing God’s supernatural Kingdom to our everyday lives by ruling and reigning with Him . . . You will come away with a fresh understanding of familiar Scriptures. You will find peace from the tension and questions you’ve had about women in ministry and leadership. You will be blessed!
Mark Virkler, President, Christian Leadership University and Author

The primary purpose of this book is to take the Church from the glory that She presently expresses to a coming greater glory. This book was written to allow the Church to develop into Her fullness. We are to be the manifest sons of God, which simply means that we are to be in a progressive state of constant maturing, and that our purpose as the Bride of Christ is to reproduce sons and daughters who will do greater works than the prior generations.
I believe with all my heart that God is speaking prophetically and releasing revelation through His women. Women are called to prophesy, preach, teach, and lay hands on the sick. They are called to come down from the mountaintop. The mountain will open; the wings upon it will open us, and the women will come down as in chariots. Crown Her a King will indeed raise up a greater company of women for the end-time glory of the Church.
John P. Kelly, Convening Apostle, International Coalition of Apostles, Fort Worth, Texas

About the Author:

Susan Dewbrew is a gifted and passionate teacher. She has an amazing tenacity for seeking truth and dispensing it with love and clarity. As much of an intellectual as she is a nurturer, she has a keen ability to instruct and encourage believers. Prior to opening her “tent-making” business in real estate, Susan was on staff at Convergence church in Fort Worth, Texas as a Ministry Strategist. She is madly in love with her husband Gregory, who has devoted his life to feeding the poor. Together they have four children and three grandchildren.