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Count Zinzendorf and the Spirit of the Moravians
Count Zinzendorf and the Spirit of the Moravians by Paul Wemmer

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Author: Paul Wemmer
Format: Paperback
Length: 268 Pages
Published: 2013

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Some have heard about the Moravians, but even less have heard about Count Zinzendorf. He was a man of prayer, a man of passion for the “Martermann” the Man of Sorrows. He could preach all day without tiring. During a sermon, he could talk himself into such exhilaration about his Savior that frequently, in rhythmic staccato, he would spontaneously break into impromptu rhyming lyrics, somewhat like the oral poets of ancient Greek and modern rappers. He was an itinerant vagabond for Christ. He urged the Moravians to pray unceasingly, and they prayed unremittingly for over a hundred years. He entreated the Moravians without coercing to have a burden for lost souls.

He wrote that he himself was not so much a God-fearing, but a God-joyful person. Yet he knew suffering. He was harassed as a boy in a boarding school; called a beast by a friend he protected; greeted by jester in the royal court of Berlin because the king thought he was a fool; exiled from his beloved homeland; accused of gross misconduct by newspapers in Pennsylvania; and lost nine of his twelve children prematurely. But Zinzendorf knew where to get his strength. Even in his early youth he developed an intimacy with the Lamb of God through prayer. This is a story of persecution, of dissension, of spirit-filled boldness, of daring enterprises, of dying on mission fields and of congenial relations among the Brethren

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: My Story
Chapter 2: Call to Herrnhut
Chapter 3: Early Years
Chapter 4: School Days
Chapter 5: The Wittenberg Years
Chapter 6: Falling in Love
Chapter 7: Life in Dresden
Chapter 8: The Moravians in Herrnhut
Chapter 9: Thoughts on Justification
Chapter 10: The Great Sifting
Chapter 11: Fire from Above
Chapter 12: Losung: Watchword for the Day
Chapter 13: Salt of the Earth
Chapter 14: Exile
Chapter 15: Moravians Overseas
Chapter 16: Zinzendorf’s Word in Exile
Chapter 17: Missionary Journeys
Chapter 18: The Rise and Fall of Herrnhaag
Chapter 19: New Horizons
Chapter 20: Homecoming
Chapter 21: Setbacks and Triumphs
Chapter 22: Christian Renatus
Chapter 23: Zinzendorf’s Wife: A Humble Helpmate
Chapter 24: Heimgang, Home Going
Chapter 25: Zinzendorf’s Lobrede, Oration of Praise
Chapter 26: The Moravian Spirit
Chapter 27: Helpful Pointers for a Victorious Transformation
Chapter 28: Addendum
Chapter 29: Important Events in Zinzendorf’s Life