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Complete Promise Topical Bible
Complete Promise Topical Bible Compiled by James Riddle

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Author: Compiled by James Riddle
Format: Hardcover
Length: 921 Pages
Published: 2011

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Every Promise in the Bible in Convenient Topical Format for Easy Reference

The Bible is filled with over 1,800 promises from God to encourage, instruct, and empower you. Isnt it exciting to know that the Creator of Heaven and Earth cares so much about you and your everyday life that He provided detailed promises for you to face very challenge and circumstance that comes your way? But, if you dont know what those promises are, you will not have the basis for your faith and a solid foundation to place your trust.

The Complete Promise Topical Bible by James Riddle puts the Bibles powerful promises right at your fingertips, in a simple, easy-to-use topical format. Each promise is recorded with several translations to help clarify what God has already provided just for you. Plus, each promise includes a declaration of faith that you can use immediately to activate each promise and see it make a difference in your life . . . starting today.

When Gods promises become rooted in your spirit, you will be empowered to overcome any obstacle. God has made a way for you to live a life of completevictory . . . its His promise to you.

Table of Contents

Introduction: How to Use This Book

You are His Child and a Member of Divine Royalty

To Dwell Within You

Unique Abilities

His Angels

An Anointing


The Blessing of Abraham

To Make You His Champion

To Care for Your Children

You are His Chosen One, Part 1

You are His Chosen One, Part 2: Promises of Sanctification

Comfort and Encouragement

Courage and Boldness

A Covenant


To Give You the Desires of Your Heart

A Destiny


Eternal Life

Eternal Security, Part 1

Eternal Security, Part 2: To Never Leave You




To Fight for You




To Be Your Friend and Closest Companion, Part 1

To Be Your Friend and Closest Companion, Part 2: Partner in Life

To Be Your Friend and Closest Companion, Part 3: Response to His Friendship

Spiritual Gifts, Part 1

Spiritual Gifts, Part 2: Visions and Dreams




The Holy Spirit

Honor and Rewards


An Inheritance

Joy and Happiness


Long Life

The Ability to Love

To Love You Unconditionally

A Kingdom

A Mansion


A Good Marriage

To Make You New

To Make You a Good Parent

A Pastor, Part 1

A Pastor, Part 2: Promises for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Answers to Your Prayers





Rest and Rejuvenation



Seedtime and Harvest


To Make You a Soulwinner


To Train You

Understanding (Ability to Learn)


To Give You Vision and a Purpose

Spiritual Weapons and Armor


To Honor His Word

Your Words Would be Filled With Power

To Never Fail You

To Come Back for You

About the Author

About the Author

James R. Riddle is a successful entrepreneur, educator, and Bible teacher. He is a member of Abundant Living Faith Center in El Paso, Texas, and has been working closely with Charles Nieman Ministries since 1987. He is also an Honors graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in English: Creative Writing. The Complete Personalized Promise Bible is the result of an intensive three-year study of the entire Bible that James Riddle undertook.