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Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain
Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain by Perry Stone

Price: $19.99
Author: Perry Stone
Subtitle: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven's Past, Present and Future
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2015

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The must-read book for unlocking heavenly mysteries.

Questions you have asked for years are now researched and answered in this book! For example:
  • The Bible says we will one day judge the angels. How is that possible?
  • Could the New Jerusalem be a pyramid and not a cube?
  • With people from every nation in heaven, what language will we speak?
  • If I had a miscarriage, will I see my child in heaven?
  • Do my loved ones in heaven have knowledge of things occurring on earth?
  • At death, how long does the human spirit linger on earth?
  • If a loved one dies lost, will we remember them in the age to come?
  • What kind of food will we eat in heaven?
  • What will we look like in heaven?
  • In heaven, will we know each other as we did on earth?

Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain also unlocks one of the greatest mysteries from ages past, as recorded by the prophet Ezekiel, concerning Satan, the anointed cherub who walked among the stones of fire. What was his link to the heavenly New Jerusalem? How did his gemstone covering help lead to his pride and fall from heaven? This might be one of the most concise books you will read on the mysteries of heaven, ages past, ages present, and ages to come.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Mystery of Ages Past
Chapter 1: Visions of God
Chapter 2: Heaven: Three Levels or Seven?
Chapter 3: Sapphires: God’s Favorite Gemstone
Chapter 4: Sons of God and the Morning Stars
Chapter 5: Stones of Fires
Chapter 6: Two Powerful Angels Expelled with Satan
Chapter 7: When Saints Judge the Angels
Chapter 8: The New Jerusalem: Cube or Pyramid?
Chapter 9: Spirits of the Righteous Made Perfect
Chapter 10: Pre-born Infants in Heaven
Chapter 11: How Old Will We Look in Heaven?
Chapter 12: What Food Will We Eat in Heaven?
Chapter 13: What Will We Remember in Heaven?
Chapter 14: What Language Is Spoken in Heaven?
Chapter 15: What Those in Heaven Know About Those on Earth
Chapter 16: Assignments in Heaven and On Earth
Chapter 17: Access to the Kingdom of Heaven
Chapter 18: Important Answers to Tough Questions

About the Author:
Evangelist Perry Stone, Jr. is founder and president of Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries in Cleveland, TN. He has produced an extensive library of books and hosts Manna-fest, a weekly TV program airing on hundreds of Christian stations nationwide.