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Children and the Supernatural
Children and the Supernatural by Jennifer Toledo

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Author: Jennifer Toledo
Subtitle: True Stories of Kids Unlocking the Power of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2012

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Children and the Supernatural gives the accounts of radical God encounters experienced by children around the world. These true stories of healings, visions, miracles, prophetic evangelism, marketplace intercession, prophecy, and more will stir you to seek God in a deeper way – and infuse you with faith to glorify Him in the world around you.

Table of Contents


Foreword by Bill Johnson


Part One: The Back Story

Chapter 1: The Children of Bungoma

Part 2: Encountered

Chapter 2: Designed for Encounter

Chapter 3: A Radical Invitation

Chapter 4: A Butterfly, a Breakthrough, and Angels

Chapter 5: A Date With Jesus

Chapter 6: When God Shows Up

Chapter 7: Conner’s Encounter

Part 3: Prayers That Change History

Chapter 8: Prayers That Shift Laws

Chapter 9: One Million Angels

Chapter 10: When Prayers Shake Darkness

Part 4: Releasing Children to a Broken World

Chapter 11: Finding Barb

Chapter 12: The Children of Colima

Chapter 13: Saved by Smiley Faces

Chapter 14: Orange and Banana

Chapter 15: God Loves You and Your Tattoos!

Chapter 16: The Perfect Treasure Hunt

Chapter 17: The Shoe Shiner

Part 5: Healing Hands

Chapter 18: Malaria Healed

Chapter 19: When a Baby Releases Healing

Chapter 20: Healings in Everyday Places

Chapter 21: The Body Parts Room in Heaven

Chapter 22: The Newt

Chapter 23: Esther – The Miracle Worker

Part 6: A Child Shall Lead Them: The Role of Children in Global Revival

Chapter 24: The Divine Setup

Chapter 25: From Slave to Royalty

Chapter 26: Who Are the Masses?

Chapter 27: Generational Unity – the Key to Global Revival

Chapter 28: A Tree and a Chainsaw

Chapter 29: A Recurring Dream

Chapter 30: The 4/14 Window – the Golden Age of Opportunity



Few things challenge and inspire me like the stories of what God is doing and has done. In Children and the Supernatural Jennifer Toldeo does an incredible job of challenging the church to take a second look at how we view children by telling their stories. I even found my own perspective being challenged. But I also found the stories of these children, their faith, and their encounters with God stirred my heart to believe for more in my own life and to press in deeper with Jesus. I should not have been surprised. Every time I encounter the ministry of Jennifer, my heart is alive with faith and I am provoked to my core to believe God for greater things. Without question this book will not only challenge your perspective of children but also call you to believe for more of God in your own life.

Banning Liebscher, Director, Jesus Culture

I’m in love with Children and the Supernatural. I seriously cried the whole time I read it. This is not just a book’ it is a piece of God’s heart that will reach inside of you and transform the way you think. Although, like many people, I had an awareness of the subject, I was wrecked with responsibility to see children empowered and set free to lead. I have never been so inspired by children. I was given so much hope for what God is doing and wants to do with children when I read this book.

Shawn Bolz, Senior Pastor of Expression58, Author

About the Author

Jennifer Toldeo and her husband, Jonatan, are founders and directors of Global Children’s Movement and pastors at Expression58 in Los Angeles. They speak at churches, conferences, and community and educational gatherings to raise awareness about the issues of children at risk and get people involved.