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Charismatic Captivation
Charismatic Captivation by Steven Lambert

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Author: Steven Lambert
Subtitle: Authoritarian Abuse and Psychological Enslavement
Format: Paperback
Length: 298 Pages
Published: 1995/2003

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Multitudes of sincere and trusting believers are unaware victims of “Charismatic captivation,” ensnared in the virtually invisible web of authoritarian abuse, psychological enslavement, and sordid economic exploitation by self-aggrandizing church leaders for their personal advancement and expansion of their private kingdoms. Through systematic indoctrination and brainwashing victims have been duped into accepting as right and beneficial the oppressive predomination imposed upon them by unscrupulous, tyrannical church-leaders. Charismatic Captivation trumpets forth to all ecclesiastical pharaohs the Divine Demand – Let My People Go!
Charismatic Captivation exposes the widespread authoritarian abuse that has been flourishing virtually unabated for decades since it was first infused into the very fabric, foundation, and functions of the Charismatic/Neo-Pentecostal church during the discipleship/shepherdship movement of the early 1970s. It spotlights the salient signs and symptoms of authoritarian abuse, dissects the fallacious doctrines behind it, and offers victims clear, concise steps for recovery from the psychological trauma and restoration from the spiritual damage they’ve experienced.
Written from an insider’s perspective by a Charismatic minister, this book has been praised and appraised by scholars, ministers, and laymen as the most comprehensive and convincing volume written to date on the prevalent problem of Neo-Pentecostal authoritarian abuse. In sum-written by a Charismatic, for Charismatics, without Charismatic-bashing.
Though disdained by defiantly unrepentant perpetrators of Pentecostal predomination, Charismatic Captivation is undeniably a genuine prophetic word ordained by God to which He is now demanding obedience!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Problem, Prediction and Premise
Chapter 2: The Discipleship/Shepherding Movement
Chapter 3: Nicolaitanism
Chapter 4: Erroneous Concept #1: Authority
Chapter 5: Erroneous Concept #2: Spiritual Covering
Chapter 6: Erroneous Concept #3: Unity
Chapter 7: Erroneous Concept #4: Role of the Laity
Chapter 8: Erroneous Concept #5: Role of Fivefold Ministers
Chapter 9: The Signs of Authoritarian Abuse and Common Control Mechanisms
Chapter 10: Religious Enslavement: Sorcery
Chapter 11: The Illegitimacy of Religious Enslavement
Chapter 12: The 15 “Rs” of Recovery from Authoritarian Abuse