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Bringing the Future Into Focus
Bringing the Future Into Focus by Harold Eberle

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Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: Introduction to the Progressive Christian Worldvie
Format: Paperback
Length: 204 PAges
Published: 2002

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Will there be peace? Will there be war? Is the Church going to rise in glory or will She be overcome by apathy and deception? Is Jesus coming for a spotless Bride or is He going to rescue a tattered band of zealots out of a wicked chaotic mess? Where is God taking humanity in the Twenty-first Century? What will we see next on the worldwide scene?

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Escaping Frenzied Christianity

Chapter 2: The Evangelical Worldview

Chapter 3: The Dispensational Worldview

Chapter 4: The Restorational Worldview

Chapter 5: Dispensational or Restorational

Chapter 6: The Progressive Worldview

Chapter 7: The Original Blessing

Chapter 8: Gods Blessing Upon Abraham

Chapter 9: Embrace the Old Testament

Chapter 10: The Promise of Kingdom

Chapter 11: Restorational Idealism

Chapter 12: Rethinking Church History

Chapter 13: Dispensational Eschatology

Chapter 14: Pentecostal Dispensationalism

Chapter 15: Restorational Eschatology

Chapter 16: Two Forms of Premillennialism

Chapter 17: Progressive Eschatology

Chapter 18: Progressive View of the Church

Chapter 19: The Coming Great Tribulation?

Chapter 20: The Kingdom of God

Chapter 21: The Progression of the Kingdom

Chapter 22: Progressive Manifestation of Glory

Chapter 23: The Return of Jesus Christ

Chapter 24: The Jews and the Kingdom

Chapter 25: The Worldwide Revival Ahead

Chapter 26: God or Satan in Control?

Chapter 27: Humanity: Downhill or Uphill?

Chapter 28: Thy Will be Done on Earth

Chapter 29: The Future Glory

Chapter 30: The Future Hope

Chapter 31: Other Eschatological Views

Chapter 32: Postmillennial Eschatology

Chapter 33: Abandoning Pemillennialism

Chapter 34: The Revelation of Victory

Chapter 35: The Great Commission Hope

Chapter 36: A Positive View of Government

Chapter 37: A Positive View of Society

Chapter 38: Hope and Faith for All People

Chapter 39: Optimistic Care of the Earth

Chapter 40: The Victorious, Historic Faith


Appendix: Recommended Books and Tapes

About the Author

While pasturing a congregation in the northwestern United States, Harold R. Eberle had a visitation from God which convinced him that the Church will rise in glory, unity, and maturity before the return of our Lord Jesus. Mr. Eberle then began to speak and minister to the larger Body of Christ. Since 1986, he has been traveling and ministering at Christian gatherings, leadership conferences, and churches of many different doctrinal persuasions. He now is engaged in a worldwide teaching ministry.

Among his works, he has founded and oversees several Bible Colleges in Africa. He has a goal of establishing 50 colleges in developing nations across the world. He lives in Yakima, Washington, with his wife Linda. God has blessed them with three children. Yakima also serves as home base for the ministry operations, which include the oversight of Worldcasst Ministries and Worldcast Publishing.

A prolific author, Mr. Eberle has written numerous books, several of which have been translated in other languages and distributed worldwide. His primary focus is upon preparing the Church for a mighty awakening. He is passionately in love with the Church and believes that God currently is fitly framing the people of God into a Temple in which He can dwell. The call you often will hear from his heart is, God is coming to Earth!