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Breaking the Curses of Slavery
Breaking the Curses of Slavery by Pamela Burgess Main

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Author: Pamela Burgess Main
Subtitle: Prayers for African Americans
Format: Paperback
Length: 177 Pages
Published: 2013

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This book is a guide to help enable you to begin to spiritually release the healing of that which has plagued your family for generations. The poverty, discrimination, lack of opportunity for education, incarceration and so forth, that may have been initiated by one family member and then passed down the family line.

It’s complicated. Some of us have slave and slave masters’ blood pumping through our veins. Through prayer, canceling generational curses caused by slavery, one can bring release and spiritual healing to generational sin through Christ.

Jesus Christ has actually given us the authority to stand in the wake of our family’s generational issues and spiritually break off every curse by the authority of His name by a simple act of prayer and forgiveness. Amazing! We serve an awesome God who’s willing and ready to rid us of generational curses that may not have been caused by us but now can be laid to rest once and for all by us.

The hope is to bring forgiveness and closure to any issues that evolved from slavery for your sake and for your family’s sake. Many of our people are already free from the bondage of our forefathers. But there are still too many offenses that still keep us down. There is no harm in allowing God to sweep clean the unseen baggage that’s been carried by our families for hundreds of years. The process is so simple. But don’t be fooled. None of the power that you’re asking for to remove the curses can be done without the awesome power of Jesus Christ.

Table of contents:
The Top Ten
1. Coming through the Wrong Portals
2. Being Stolen
3. Being Sold
4. Being Bought
5. The Bad That was Brought Over from Africa
6. Worshipping Deities from Africa
7. The Good That was Brought Over from Africa
8. Dishonoring God
9. Colonization
10. National Fear
The Rest
11. A Bad Partner
12. Abandonment
13. Abuse
14. Adultery
15. Against Us Profiting from Our Agriculture
16. Alcoholism
17. Always Needing a Villain in My Life
18. Am I Black Enough?
19. Animosity Between Fathers and Their Children
20. Animosity Between Mothers and Their Children
21. Anxiety
22. Apathy
23. Bad Banking and Mortgages
24. Bad Business
25. Bad Education
26. Bad Housing
27. Bad Investments
28. Bad Marriages
29. Bad Medicine
30. Being a Bully
31. Being a Cruel Task Master
32. Being a Father Who Abandons
33. Being a Mother Who Abandons
34. Being Abandoned by Your Father
35. Being Abandoned by Your Mother
36. Being Attacked
37. Being Bullied
38. Being Called a Nigger or Other Racist Names
39. Being Played or Tricked or Used
40. Betraying Your Own People
41. Being Ripped Off
42. The Blame Game
43. Broken Promises and Caught in the Crossfire
44. Complaining
45. The Coon
46. Crabs in a Barrel
47. Depression
48. Distractions
49. Entertainment Media’s Racist Stereotypes
50. Entitlement to Over Eat
51. Excessiveness
52. Explosive Anger
53. Fat Gene
54. Fear of Failure
55. Feeling Like You Never Please Your Parents
56. Finances Being Mishandled
57. Food
58. Haters
59. Hidden Agendas
60. Humiliation of Being Unemployed or Retired
61. Inaccessibility to Access Codes
62. Injuries and Near Death Experiences with Kids
63. Jealousy
64. Jim Crow
65. Lack of Opportunity for Our Black Youth
66. Leeches (Folks That Prey)
67. Letting Evil Spirits In
68. Loss of Children
69. Mammy (For Overweight Women)
70. Negative Imagery and Racial Slurs
71. Nigga Jails and Holding Cells
72. Not Being Married
73. Not Getting Enough Credit
74. Not Looking for Us When We Go Missing
75. Not Releasing People Who Are Jealous of You
76. Our Founding Fathers
77. Pedophilia (Sexual Child Abuse)
78. Personal Fear
79. Pimping and Being Pimped
80. Procrastination
81. Prostitution
82. Racial Hierarchy
83. Self-Destruction
84. Self-Destructive Guilt
85. Self-Destruction Once I’ve Made It
86. Self-Pity
87. Servants Seen and Not Heard
88. Sexual Sin
89. Skin Color War
90. Staying in Your Place
91. Unemployment for the Family
92. Unemployment for Me
93. Unfair Employers
94. Unfair Court Systems
95. Unfair Wages
96. Vanity
97. Voodoo
98. Violence
99. Women Hanging on Your Man
100. The Blessing of Conquering Our Enemies

About the Author:
Pamela Burgess Main has a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Television Production from the University of Southern California, as well as a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has been involved in inner city and suburban ministry for over 25 years.