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Brazen by Sean Feucht

Price: $15.99
Author: Sean Feucht
Subtitle: Be A Voice, Not An Echo
Format: Paperback
Length: 187 Pages
Published: 2020

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Sean Feucht never backed down from a challenge and running for US Congress was no exception. From birth, there was a call on his life to dream about the impossible, and then partner with God to see miracles come about. From going to the darkest corners of the earth to starting a world-wide prayer and worship movement, Sean has been brazen as he resolutely pursues the call of God on his life.

Sean poignantly shares the deep losses in his life and how God showed up inexplicably to always show Himself to be faithful and good. In Brazen, he shares a vulnerable story of trust and how God always shows up even in your darkest hour and seemingly greatest loss. Be inspired to see your circumstances in a new way.

Table of Contents:
Super Tuesday
Chapter 1: Rainbow Baby
Chapter 2: Heart of Worship
Chapter 3: Brazen Faith
Chapter 4: Audience of One
Chapter 5: A Spirit of Religion
Chapter 6: The Holy Harasser
Chapter 7: The Burn
Chapter 8: The Nations
Chapter 9: The Moravian Dream
Chapter 10: Overcoming Loss
Chapter 11: Fatherhood
Chapter 12: Man of War
Chapter 13: Finding Home
Chapter 14: Political Calling
Chapter 15: Momentum
Chapter 16: Defeat
Chapter 17: The Beginning and the End

About the Author:
Sean Feucht is a husband, father, missionary, musician, speaker, author, and founder of a grassroots global worship organization, and a missions organization. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Kate, and is obsessed with their four children: Keturah, Malachi, Ezra, and Zion.