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Blessing Your Soul
Blessing Your Soul by Arthur Burk

Price: $14.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Paperback
Length: 212 Pages
Published: 2014

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Pop theology presents a good spirit and bad soul paradigm. This simply does not line up with Scriptural teaching about the soul. There is no question that the soul needs to be set free, healed and nurtured. But the end game is a tight synergy between spirit and soul, with the soul joyfully submitted to the leadership of the spirit.

This book will model for you what the soul looks like in various stages of growth, in the real world of home, marketplace and entertainment.

Arthur Burk has a passion for God’s original design. Ultimate intimacy can only be achieved within the parameters of design. To the degree we bring our spirit, soul and body into full expression of God’s design, to that degree we can experience intimacy.

Arthur is a man on a journey, exploring different facets of design. This book will give you language to many things you have already experienced but not known how to explain. Arthur’s gifts to the Body of Christ include hope, dignity and strategy.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Healing the Wounded Soul
Chapter 1: In the Womb
Chapter 2: Childhood
Chapter 3: Marriage
Chapter 4: Family
Chapter 5: Church
Chapter 6: Death
Part 2: Nurturing the Neglected Soul
Chapter 1: Wife
Chapter 2: Counselor
Chapter 3: Pastor
Chapter 4: Invisible Soul
Chapter 5: The Professional
Chapter 6: The Inventive Soul
Part 3: Calming the Harried Soul
Chapter 1: Expectations
Chapter 2: Health
Chapter 3: Work
Chapter 4: Family
Chapter 5: Relationships
Chapter 6: A Healing Journey
Part 4: Growing the Hungry Soul
Chapter 1: Beauty
Chapter 2: Life
Chapter 3: Redemption
Chapter 4: Confluence
Chapter 5: Intensity
Chapter 6: Immensity
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