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Blessing Womanhood Part 2 CD Set
Blessing Womanhood Part 2 CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $35.00
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: 4CD Set
Published: 2019

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Women are designed to build from their God-given essence. Sometimes that essence is easily expressed in recognizable spiritual terms and is embraced, and other times it is not.

What do you do with the fierce competitiveness of the Queen of Sheba? And what did she build with that? Or take Martha. She was a builder. She got dinged for not respecting her sister’s essence, but it was Martha’s building spirit that enabled her to develop the faith for the critical event in her life.

What about Abigail, or Hagar or Bathsheba? What was their essence and how did they build with it?

This album celebrates how well women of Scripture expressed what God make them to do, not what the culture wanted them to do. It is liberating!

4 CD Set

CD 1: Transcending the Moment
The Frame
A Blessing
A Blessing

CD 2: Two Competitors
A Blessing
Queen of Sheba
A Blessing

CD 3: Using a Key Resource
A Blessing
A Blessing

CD 4: Three Hard Lives
A Blessing
A Blessing
A Blessing
Closing Prayer