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Biblical Economics 101
Biblical Economics 101 by S.R. Watkins

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Author: S.R. Watkins
Subtitle: LIving Under God's Financial Blessing
Format: Paperback
Length: 316 Pages
Published: 2020

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Your purpose as a Christian is to be blessed and therefore to be a blessing. There is some “undoing” to do in the minds of Christians: we must unlearn the notion that in order to be good Christians, we must be poor; that if we love God, we must commit to a life of poverty; that wealth and a heart for Jesus cannot co-exist. Biblical Economics 101: Living Under God’s Financial Blessing instructs readers step by step, how to surrender their finances to God by first surrendering their lives and their every possession to His purpose.

In this compelling argument of the Christian faith, Stuart R. Watkins, Ph.D. relies on scripture to paint a new picture of Jesus and a new picture of how to use wealth for His good.

The purpose of money is to build the Kingdom of God (Deut 8:18). The world needs Christian wealth, Christian influence, and Christian change. Only by embracing the biblical logic that God wants us to be wealthy and wants us to use our wealth for His good, can this be possible.

Table of Contents:
Note to the Reader
Chapter 1: Jesus Was Not Poor
Chapter 2: The Spirit of Religion
Chapter 3: Christians, Wealth, and Beyond Wealth
Chapter 4: False Ideas About Money
Chapter 5: False Ideas about Money, Part 2
Chapter 6: The Purpose of Money
Chapter 7: The Purpose of Money, Part 2
Chapter 8: Does God Want Us to Be Blessed? (Yes, and Out of Debt Too!) Part 1
Chapter 9: Does God Want Us to Be Blessed? Part 2
Chapter 10: God’s Economy Part 1
Chapter 11: God’s Economy Part 2 – Tithing – Continued
Chapter 12: God’s Economy Part 3 – Giving
Chapter 13: Abraham’s Tithe before the Levitical Priesthood
Chapter 14: The Order of Melchizedek
Chapter 15: The Law of Sowing and Reaping
Chapter 16: The Law of Sowing and Reaping – Part 2
Chapter 17: A Study of Success and Wealth – Part 1
Chapter 18: A Study of Wealth and Success – Part 2
Chapter 19: A Study of Wealth and Success – Part 3
Chapter 20: Thirty-one Ways to Have the Windows of Heaven Opened Upon Your Life
Epilogue: My Story
Suggested Reading
Appendix A
Appendix B
About the Author


Religion and a poverty mindset are used in a powerful way to hinder Christians from receiving God’s blessings for their lives! These people are often captured by the wrong use of scriptures. Believers are conditioned to believe that having finances will prevent them from being spiritual. Much of this teaching came from Greek philosophy and not from God’s Word.

Dr. Stuart R. Watkins in his book, Biblical Economics 101, gives a Biblical understanding of God’s plan for wealth. He destroys the cynicism of those who reject Kingdom prosperity. A fresh understanding of Kingdom wealth frees the reader to partner with God for transformation in the earth. Your life will be filled with the blessings of the Lord when you implement the principles found in this book.
Barbara Wentroble, President, International Breakthrough Ministries