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Bible in the Light of Our Redemption
Bible in the Light of Our Redemption by E. W. Kenyon

Price: $15.00
Author: E.W.Kenyon
Subtitle: Basic Bible Course
Format: Paperback
Length: 303 Pages
Published: 2011

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This course is excellent for Bible study groups as well as for individual study. This challenging study covers the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, showing the unfolding of the plan of redemption. It is a basic course, which should be studied by every Christian. It will answer many questions for the new convert and will make the Bible a new book for you.

It is a course for the mature Christian as well. It shows the legal side of the plan of redemption . . . who we are and what we are in Christ. It will thrill and amaze you and challenge you to a deeper walk with Him.

This course is written in simple understandable language, but the teaching is deep and rich, and you will find rich nuggets each time you read it and re-read it. We trust it will be a rich blessing to you.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Reason for Creation
Chapter 2: The Creation of Man
Chapter 3: Man’s Treason and Results
Chapter 4: The Reign of Spiritual Death
Chapter 5: Man’s Need of Righteousness
Chapter 6: Man’s Need of a Mediator
Chapter 7: The Promised Incarnation
Chapter 8: The Abrahamic Covenant
Chapter 9: God’s Covenant People
Chapter 10: The Deliverance from Egypt
Chapter 11: Covenant People in the Wilderness
Chapter 12: The Law and the Tabernacle
Chapter 13: The Tabernacle (continued)
Chapter 14: The Priesthood
Chapter 15: Offering
Chapter 16: The Great Day of Atonement
Chapter 17: Synopsis of Old Testament Books and Highlights of Israel’s History
Chapter 18: The Incarnation
Chapter 19: The Life of the Incarnate One
Chapter 20: Redemption
Chapter 21: Our Identification with Christ
Chapter 22: God’s Two Creations
Chapter 23: The Name of Jesus
Chapter 24: The Word, God’s Revelation to Man
Chapter 25: The Present Ministry of Christ
Chapter 26: Healing
Chapter 27: The Lordship of Christ
Chapter 28: The Lordship of Christ (continued)
Chapter 29: The Law of the New Creation
Chapter 30: The Love Law
Chapter 31: The Holy Spirit
Chapter 32: The Holy Spirit (continued)
Chapter 33: The Holy Spirit (continued)
Chapter 34: The Second Coming of Christ
Chapter 35: The Second Coming of Christ (continued)
Chapter 36: Two Kinds of Knowledge
Chapter 37: Man’s Need of a Revelation