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Becoming the Master's Key
Becoming the Master's Key by Emerson Ferrell

Price: $15.99
Author: Emerson Ferrell
Subtitle: Victory Over the Thief of Wealth: Spirit of Mammon
Format: Paperback
Length: 150 Pages

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In Becoming the Masters Key you will find keys to the Kingdom of God that will totally transform your life in the area of giving, and prayer and fasting. These keys will expose one of the most powerful enemies of your spiritual life whose name is Mammon. This subtle anti-christ spirit controls the lives of the rich and poor alike. Mammon is not just another name for money, rather it is a spirit that draws you to trust other things rather than God.

Emmerson Ferrel will help you to understand why the transfer of wealth has not occurred, and why there has literally been an opposite effect that has made a withdrawal of Kingdom finances. Mammon has been not only plundering the churches wallets, but their very souls.

In Becoming the Masters Key, Emerson Ferrell will show you how God wants you to become the key that breaks the spirit of poverty and control that Mammon has placed on God's people. God wants you to become His key to unlock the destinies of His people in your region.