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Be Not Deceived
Be Not Deceived by Martha Lucia with Dana Miller

Price: $10.99
Author: Martha Lucia with Dana Miller
Subtitle: "Hath God Said...?"
Format: Spiral-bound
Length: 106 Pages
Published: 2007

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This book is a tool that will help you recognize and avoid the various traps of deception that are rampant in the world today.

You will be challenged and encouraged by the truth in this book to gain godly knowledge so that you can exercise the power of Gods Word to overcome deception in your everyday life.

You will learn about:

  • What is deception?
  • Avoiding self-deception
  • Spirit of error and Spirit of truth
  • The power of suggestion
  • The deception of the nations
  • Exercising discernment
  • The safest place

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is Deception?

Chapter 2: Avoiding Self-Deception

Chapter 3: Spirit of Error and Spirit of Truth

Chapter 4: Exercising Discernment

Chapter 5: The Power of Suggestion

Chapter 6: Deception of Nations

Chapter 7: The Church The Safest Place


About the Author

Martha Lucia is an ordained minister mandated to teach, train, and raise up an army of intercessors. She serves as the General of Intercession for Christian International Ministries Network. She is also founder of The Watchman Network and a member of the Eagles of God international strategic intercession team.