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Baby Blessings Peace CD Set
Baby Blessings Peace CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $14.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: 2 Cds
Published: 2003

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The blessings of joy in Baby Blessings – Peace laid the foundation for a baby’s identity. These blessings of peace prepare a child’s spirit to interface with the world around them.

We used these blessings in an unwed mothers’ home and found that babies who repeatedly heard the joy and peace blessings before birth generally had a more peaceful temperament, even though their start in life was a little less than ideal.

It is marvelous to watch God enlarge a baby’s spirit and heal his or her soul through such simple means.

2 CD Set

CD 1



Knowing Jesus’ Peace


Protection at Night

Freedom from Fear of Man

God Fighting for You

Enemies at Peace with You

CD 2

Life Giving Leaders

Friendships During Pruning

Friendships During Change of Orders

Team of Peacemakers

Peace with God

Sent to Reconcile

Destroying Authority that Establishes Chaos

The Covenant of Peace