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Ask of Me
Ask of Me by Bobbie Jean Merck

Price: $19.99
Author: Bobbie Jean Merck
Subtitle: A Journey into the Essence of Intercessory Prayer
Format: Hardcover
Length: 1465 Pages
Published: 2008

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Jesus Christ is our example in the Bible of One who lived a life of prayer and trust. He was the answer to God’s cry for an intercessor, and He showed us that all that is accomplished in the work and in the will of God upon the earth begins with prayer. Prayer is our foundation for success!

With endearing candor and keen perceptiveness, Bobbie Jean Merck shares that which has been proven and unshakeable in her life of service to the Lord including:
  • Wisdom concerning fellowship and intimacy with God
  • Practical insights to usher one into the life of intercessory prayer with all of its transforming power
  • Understanding of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit in regards to prayer
  • Answers to often asked questions in regards to the supernatural
  • Relating adventures that will inspire one in the pursuit of God’s plans and purposes for His sons and daughters.

The Holy Spirit is today’s intercessor, working in the believer to accomplish the will of God in the earth. God’s own presence acting in and through our prayers is what infuses all that concerns us individually, within the Church, and in all manner of ministry with His life-giving, transforming power.

Ask of Me is offered in a spirit of thankfulness and joy with the fervent hope that it will enhance the prayer lives of God’s precious family as we journey forward together. In Jesus Christ the best is yet to come!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Precept and Practice
Dimensions of Intercession
Earnest Supplication
Jesus, the Great Intercessor
Blessings of Stewardship
Man’s Cry for an Intercessor
Judge Not!
Our Priestly Inheritance
The Endless Power of Prayer
Prayer Essentials for Prayer Strategies
Offense and Defense
Controlling the Atmosphere
Living in Love and Forgiveness
Prophetic Intercession
Intercession Opens Doors
Great and Effectual Doors
Groaning and Travail in the Spirit – Not the Flesh!
The Intercessor and the Worshipper
Praise, Worship, and Intercession
Worship is the Great Temple Sweeper
Ushered into His Presence
Jesus is the Cornerstone
Grow in Faith
Birthing Prophecy
Personal Prophecies
Unity in the Spirit
House of Prayer
Strengthening Your Spirit
Part 2: Look Beyond
The Mountain of God
You are Well Able to Take the Land
Who Is He?
One Day, One Step at a Time
Sufficient Grace
Spirit and Power
Fighting Beasts
Strengthened with Might
Circumcised Lips
The Object of God’s Love
Image of Christ
Displacing Darkness
Build Prayer Stamina
Spiritual Code Talkers
Pray with the Spirit and Understanding
Part 3: Repairers of the Breach
Fanner Bees
Become His Workmanship
Make Time for Prayer
Wheel of Birth
Test the Spirits
Hindrances to Prayer
Holy and Royal
Make Up the Hedge
Ministry of Intercessory Prayer
Pray Without Ceasing
Resistance Builds Strength
You Are Not Your Own
Figure Eight and Blackbirds
Encouragement and Comfort

About the Author:
Bobbie Jean Merck began her ministry with the foundation being prayer, praise, worship, and the teaching of the Word. For over three decades this anointed vessel has been bringing the Word of the Lord to over 40 nations. Characterized by a strong apostolic-prophetic anointing, gifts of haling, deliverance, and prophecy accompany her ministry. Prophecies given by her to churches and individuals continue to be gloriously fulfilled. Her utmost desire is to see people free to walk in the freedom that God has so graciously given to us.