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Altars to Our King of Glory
Altars to Our King of Glory by Pat Francis

Price: $24.95
Author: Pat Francis
Subtitle: How to Access God's Unlimited Glory
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2016

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In this book you will learn about twelve types of altars. You will understand the principles and relevance of building spiritual altars to the Lord Jesus Christ to battle for your family, stop sickness, break curses, secure land, unlock resources, and gain influence in your community and nation. Learn how to:
  • Summon supernatural power by applying the nine principles of building spiritual altars.
  • Receive breakthroughs at the ultimate altar – the cross.
  • Enjoy greater intimacy with God as He becomes your secret dwelling place and you become His.

David at his personal altar prayed, “Summon your power, God; show us your strength . . . as you have done before” (Psalm 68:28), and David’s King of glory empowered him to become a giant killer, overcome poverty, and become the mighty king of Israel.

At your spiritual altar, you will tap into your potential for His ever-increasing glory.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Power of Altars
Chapter 2: Covenant Altars
Chapter 3: A Personal Altar
Chapter 4: A Family Altar
Chapter 5: A Home Altar
Chapter 6: A Community Altar
Chapter 7: A National Altar
Chapter 8: The Church Altar
Chapter 9: The Altar of God, the Cross
Chapter 10: Altars of Abraham
Chapter 11: Altar of Repentance
Chapter 12: Altar of Peace
Chapter 13: Altar of Intercession
Chapter 14: Divine Interventions
Chapter 15: Mission Infusion
Chapter 16: The Chayil Glory Movement

About the Author:
In addition to being a purposeful academic with a doctorate in Divinity and Psychology/Social Work, Dr. Pat Francis has been honored with several awards both in Canada and the US for her many initiatives and programs that provide solutions for youth and the community. In 2004, she was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the US Senate of New Orleans and in 2005 she received a Civic Award from the City of Mississauga. In 2008,
Dr. Pat was appointed to the United Nations through a Non-Government Organization [NGO] with influence as a Transformational Activist to deal with humanitarian issues, systemic poverty and, in partnership with world leaders, help children and families at risk. She currently works with developing nations with initiatives for economic and industrial development.
Above and beyond these impressive accolades, Dr. Pat’s vision is simple: “To serve God and humanity and to make my world a better place”. Dr. Pat travels the globe sharing the life-transforming message of hope and power as an international conference speaker. Her message of Empowerment, Self-Enterprise, and Kingdom Dominion has impacted millions of lives across the world as she transforms lives and teaches people how to “Create and Rule Your World”.
She is the author of several inspiring transformational books and has published over 125 motivational CD and DVD titles, including: The Ultimate Secret, Achieving New Levels of Financial Prosperity, How to Create and Rule Your World, Dreaming and Designing Your Destiny, to name a few. She is also host of the weekly Television Program, “Good News with Dr. Pat Francis” which airs across Canada and other nations impacting millions.
Dr. Pat possesses a unique ability and gift to engage with all people regardless of their status or station in life. With great humility she draws them to believe in the transforming power of God. Together they become empowered to work alongside her to Change Lives and Impact Generations. Dr. Pat Francis resides in Toronto, Canada.