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Altar of His Presence
Altar of His Presence by Robert Stone

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Author: Robert Stone
Subtitle: Inspiring Intimate Encounters with the Glory of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 264 Pages
Published: 2017

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When we hear the word, “altar,” we often associate it with images of death and sacrifice or of surrender and yielding. Although these associations do have their place, there is a New Covenant revelation of the altar that will usher your relationship with God into new experiential dimensions.

Robert Stone lays out a revelatory blueprint for you to take your intimacy with God to new, marvelous and wonderful levels.

You will:
  • Receive new revelation of how the biblical concept of the altar is a blueprint for you to experience the Holy Spirit more deeply.
  • Gain new clarity in following the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  • Experience deep spiritual fulfillment as you learn to fellowship with God on a more personal level.
  • Enter into greater depths of worship where you can witness God’s glory more powerfully.

This new covenant revelation of the altar invites you into fresh encounters with God’s presence!

Table of Contents:
Section 1: The Altar’ed Promise
Chapter 1: The Promises Are Yes and Amen
Chapter 2: Come to Me
Chapter 3: Let Us Bow Down and Worship
Chapter 4: Let Us Kneel Before the Lord
Chapter 5: Call and He Will Answer
Chapter 6: We Are His People
Chapter 7: Let Us Not Give Up Meeting Together

Section 2: The Altar’ed Pattern
Chapter 1: Noah Built an Altar to the Lord
Chapter 2: Abraham Built an Altar There
Chapter 3: Isaac Called Upon the Name of the Lord
Chapter 4: Isaac Built an Altar and His Men Dug a Well
Chapter 5: Jacob Built an Altar at Bethel
Chapter 6: Moses Built an Altar Called Jehovah Nissi
Chapter 7: Then the Altar Will Be Most Holy

Section 3: The Altar’ed Place
Chapter 1: Joshua Built an Altar of Uncut Stones
Chapter 2: A Witness Between Us That the Lord Is God
Chapter 3: Gideon Built an Altar: The Lord Our Peace
Chapter 4: Manoah Saw an Amazing Thing at the Altar
Chapter 5: David Built an Altar to the Lord There
Chapter 6: Present Offerings to the Lord on the Altar
Chapter 7: Elijah Repaired the Altar That Was in Ruins

Section 4: The Altar’ed Order
Chapter 1: King David and the Ark of the Lord
Chapter 2: Proper Order: Begin with Thanksgiving
Chapter 3: Proper Order: Enter with Praise
Chapter 4: Rejoice in the Lord Always
Chapter 5: Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth
Chapter 6: With One Heart and One Mind Glorify God
Chapter 7: The Lord is Building His House

Section 5: The Altar’ed Person
Chapter 1: Jesus and the Temple
Chapter 2: Jesus and the Baptist
Chapter 3: Jesus and the Solitary Place
Chapter 4: Jesus Went Out to the Mountain to Pray
Chapter 5: Jesus and the Mount of Transfiguration
Chapter 6: They Went Out to the Mount of Olives
Chapter 7: A the Place Where Jesus Was Crucified

Section 6: The Altar’ed People
Chapter 1: He Breathed Upon Them
Chapter 2: They Were All Together in One Place
Chapter 3: They Devoted Themselves
Chapter 4: The Place Was Shaken and They Were Filled
Chapter 5: On the Road to Damascus
Chapter 6: Prophets and Teachers in Antioch
Chapter 7: Paul and the Ephesian Elders

Section 7: The Altar’ed Purpose
Chapter 1: The Knowledge of Him Who Called Us
Chapter 2: Removing Obstacles to Knowing Him
Chapter 3: Finding a Place Among Those Who Are
Chapter 4: Rooted, Built Up, and Strengthened
Chapter 5: Power, Love, and Self-Discipline
Chapter 6: Being Diligent to the End
Chapter 7: Required to Be Found Faithful

Section 8: The Altar’ed Life
Chapter 1: Until the Glory Shines Through
Chapter 2: Seated with Him
Chapter 3: The Prize of the High Calling of God
Chapter 4: The Fullness of the Spirit
Chapter 5: Pray in the Spirit on All Occasions
Chapter 6: Praying with My Spirit and Mind
Chapter 7: Living and Walking in the Spirit
Conclusion: His Abiding Presence


In writing The Altar of His Presence, Robert Stone has put biblical truth at our fingertips. In doing so, Robert has encouraged us to settle in and get to know God in a deep and profound way. He teaches us that by spending time in deliberation and reflection we come to know God and see things in the Scriptures that we might have otherwise missed. By embracing such knowledge, we are able to imprint what we have learned in our hearts and minds, develop spiritual wisdom, and move further along in our walk with God. This is a valuable read for all Christians.
Fran Bates, Austin, TX

The Altar of His Presence is a must read for every Christian! Robert’s devotional study not only opened my understanding, but every time I would read a new section my spirit would leap inside of me. I found myself both excited and overwhelmed by the Lord’s Presence many times. If you are seeking to have a fresh outlook on the Holy Spirit’s ministry, this is the book for you. It will bring heaven to earth and the glory of God will flood your heart and soul.
Tony and Becky Garriffo, Waller, TX

About the Author:
Robert Stone is fully dedicated to seeing all believers experience deep spiritual renewal. His love for spiritual things is only outweighed by his matchless love for his Lord. Apprehended for and fully devoted to his Lord’s ministry, Robert continues to teach and train others to experience, embrace and express God’s grace and glory through the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. Robert is the founder and president of Destiny Reformation Ministries.