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Alive With Passion and Purpose
Alive With Passion and Purpose by Sandy Landry

Price: $19.99
Author: Sandy Landry
Format: Paperback
Length: 316 Pages
Published: 2009

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How big are you living? A more significant question would be, how big could you be living? Now the crux of the matter: where and how could you live really big? The answer lies in expressing your God-given design on the right playing field.

In this book you will find stories of fame and obscurity, tragedy and triumph, beauty and brutality. All of these people expressed their redemptive gift powerfully. Some enriched the world through the use of their gift, while others damaged it badly.

The central message for you is that your circumstances do not define your quality of life. You will experience life in a rich, dynamic way when you understand your redemptive gift and walk it out with fierce intentionality. These life portraits will show you what being alive with passion and purpose looks like for each of the different gifts. Read deeply. Then choose to live big really, really big.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Arthur Burk

Chapter 1: They Learned to Accept His Obsession

Chapter 2: Fulfilled, Challenged and Alive!

Chapter 3: The Most Lucrative Capitalism Around

Chapter 4: Emotional, Impulsive, Erratic . . . and Admired

Chapter 5: Shaking the Ladder Violently

Chapter 6: Maybe God was Disappointed in Him

Chapter 7: The Redneck Messiah

Chapter 8: He was a Mystery to the King

Chapter 9: She Insisted on the Truth

Chapter 10: Wildcat Capitalists

Chapter 11: Lawlessness Based on Principle

Chapter 12: What is the Most Certain Thing?

Chapter 13: Hauntingly Beautiful, Distorted, Illogical

Chapter 14: What Else Could I Have Done?

Chapter 15: A Fathering Leader

Chapter 16: The Essence of Propriety and Loyalty

Chapter 17: Their Souls Concerned Him Not

Chapter 18: Immeasurable Grandeur

Chapter 19: Alive with Passion and Purpose

Chapter 20: He Had Not Abandoned Hope

Chapter 21: My Business is Circumference