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Alien Human Spirits CD Set
Alien Human Spirits CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $39.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 6 CDs
Published: 2013

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This album is for all of you who have played your heart out in the deliverance and inner healing journey and no matter what the experts say, you know that you know that something is still wrong. What is an alien human spirit? Honestly, I am not quite sure. This is simply a term I invented to discuss this “other” thing that is not a curse, or covenant, or demon, or spiritual device but does block people from thriving in their spiritual walk.

This album will cover diagnostic techniques along with a very wide array of tools for evicting the intruders. It will certainly NOT answer all your questions.

Mostly it is a tool to open dialog in the Body of Christ about something that has been out there for a while. Most therapists have one or two clients for whom none of their tools work. And most can look back on a few really weird ministry sessions where something definitely happened, but they aren’t sure what or why.

This album is not for the faint of heart of those wedded to proper theology. But if you are on a journey and you could use another tool or two in your tool box, take a look and see if this fits any of your mystery situations.

CD #1: Introduction
Part 1: History
Part 2: Description
Part 3: Pioneers
Part 4: Theology
Part 5: Choice

CD #2: Methodology
Part 1: Diagnostics
Part 2: Engagement
Part 3: Resistance
Part 4: Shared Spirits
Part 5: Results

CD #3: Specialty Items
Part 1: Location
Part 2: Brain
Part 3: Maternal Conflict
Part 4: Shoulder
Part 5: Heart
Part 6: DIY
Part 7: Sex

CD #4: Mysteries
Part 1: Choice
Part 2: Sin
Part 3: Demons
Part 4: Candidates
Part 5: D.I.D.
Part 6: Déjà vu
Part 7: Vanishing Twin

CD #5: Egyptian Heresy
Part 1: Falls
Part 2: Aquifers
Part 3: Shoulder
Part 4: Sheol
Part 5: Isaiah 19
Part 6: Ten Plagues
Part 7: Walking

CD #6: Health Issues
Part 1: Autoimmune
Part 2: Diabetes
Part 3: Medications
Part 4: IC
Part 5: Skeletal