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Acts of the Early Church
Acts of the Early Church by Gordon Lindsay

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Author: Gordon Lindsay
Format: Paperback
Length: 227 Pages
Published: 2015

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The Book of Acts offers an invaluable link in the New Testament between the gospels and the epistles. Luke, the author, according to Church tradition, recorded the continuing ministry of Jesus through His servants. Jesus had left the Earth with the command to His followers to minister His Good News in all the world. They immediately began to follow in Jesus’ footsteps with signs and wonders following.

Gordon Lindsay’s narrative is clear and scripturally literal. He unwaveringly holds to the relational dynamic, which Luke identifies in Acts – True apostolic ministry is always marked with fervor and the signs of Pentecost. Once believers were empowered with the same Spirit Jesus was, they began to do the same extraordinary things He did.

As the Christians grew in number, they became a powerful force which angered the Jewish authorities, and those who preached Christ were punished and persecuted. Gamaliel, a leader of the Pharisees, advised the Sanhedrin to leave them along. “. . . for this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it – lest you even be found to fight against God” (Acts 5:38, 39).

The Christian movement had internal struggles, as well as external pressures. However, whenever it moved in the power of the Spirit and in the Word of eternal life, it proved to be a united force that even hell’s gates could not withstand.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Prologue to the Acts of the Early Church, AD 30
Chapter 1: Christ’s Great Commission and Ascension
Chapter 2: Events During the Day of Pentecost

Part 2: Peter and the Jewish Church in Jerusalem
Chapter 3: Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate
Chapter 4: The First Persecution of the Church
Chapter 5: The Communal Church and Apostolic Authority
Chapter 6: The Ministry of Stephen
Chapter 7: The First Ministry of the Church to the Gentiles
Chapter 8: Saul’s Conversion
Chapter 9: Peter’s Ministry Expands
Chapter 10: Barnabas and Saul Minister Together

Part 3: Paul’s First Missionary Journey with Barnabas and John Mark
Chapter 11: The Church Embarks on a Mission of World Evangelization, AD 46-48
Chapter 12: The Council Meeting in Jerusalem, AD 48-50
Chapter 13: Paul Embarks on His Second Missionary Journey, AD 49-52
Chapter 14: Paul and Silas Continue Their Missionary Journey
Chapter 15: Paul and Silas at Corinth, AD 50-51

Part 5: Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
Chapter 16: Paul’s Ministry in Ephesus, AD 53-57
Chapter 17: Paul Continues His Third Missionary Journey
Chapter 18: Paul Returns to Jerusalem, AD 57
Chapter 19: Paul’s Imprisonment, AD 58-59

Part 6: Paul’s Fourth Missionary Journey
Chapter 20: Paul’s Voyage to Rome, AD 59-60

About the Author:
Born in 1906 in Zion, Illinois, Gordon Lindsay was greatly influenced by the powerful healing and miracles he witnessed. After his conversion to Christ, he quickly began to study the Word and start his ministry. In 1937, he married his wife, Freda. In 1948, he started a monthly publication called The Voice of Healing, which was sent around the world to inform believers of the miracles that were happening during the tent meetings of the great revivalists in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1970, Gordon and Freda co-founded Christ for the Nations Institute, a Bible school that is designed to teach the uncompromising Word of God and how to be led by the Spirit. He has authored over 250 books/booklets that have been distributed to disciple believers all over the world.