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Acts 29
Acts 29 by Terry Teykl

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Author: Terry Teykl
Subtitle: Fifty Days of Prayer to Invite the Holy Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 112 Pages
Published: 1999

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Do you know what it means to invite the Holy Spirit to move? Have you ever looked into praying through the Book of Acts?

Acts 29 is a Fifty Day Prayer Guide to invite people to read and to pray ten chapters in the Book of Acts. We based Acts 29 on the belief that Acts 28 is unconcluded. It implies that churches can invite the Holy Spirit to write chapter 29 in their town or community. The Book of Acts is a prototype or outline for us to pray expectantly and receive today.

The time frame for Acts is thirty years, and in that time the early church turned the world right-side up with the Gospel of Jesus. We can pray, believing the Holy Spirit can do the same again. Imagine gang members, drug dealers, racists and sex offenders being transformed by the Gospel. Imagine politicians, judges and other influential leaders taking a stand based on the Word of God. Now, imagine thousands of people being saved in a single church service! It all happened in the pages of the Book of Acts. And it can happen again if you are willing to pray through the Book of Acts.
Based on ten powerful chapters of the Book of Acts, Acts 29: Fifty Days of Prayer to Invite the Holy Spirit. This prayer journey will equip you to set the stage for the Holy Spirit to work dramatically in your community as He did following Pentecost.

Table of Contents:
The Holy Spirit
How to Use This Guide
Day 1: Thy Kingdom Come – Acts 1
Day 2: Apostolic Preaching – Acts 2
Day 3: Boldness in Jesus’ Name – Acts 3
Day 4: Deliver Us from Evil – Acts 4
Day 5: Evangelistic Outreach – Acts 8
Day 6: Damascus Road Conversions – Acts 9
Day 7: A Harvest of Households – Acts 10
Day 8: Healing Casualties – Acts 12
Day 9: Worship Evangelism – Acts 16
Day 10: Shake and Bake – Acts 28

About the Author:
Terry Teykl’s warm humorous style makes him one of the most sought-after speakers and seminar leaders in the country. Terry pastored local churches for 28 years. In 1987, God spoke to Terry and told him to “guild the church in prayer.” Since that time, he has been teaching churches across the country how to pray and invite the Holy Spirit. Terry and his wife, Kay, reside in Houston, Texas.