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Activate My Spiritual Heart Oh Lord
Activate My Spiritual Heart Oh Lord by Jim and Faith Chosa

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Author: Jim Chosa
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The activation of the spiritual heart is a simple yet very profound discipline for all people which begins with the realization God has given a piece of His spiritual heart to all humanity when He created the first prototype human being, Adam. In the spiritual heart are all the faculties of emotions, mind and will necessary to make the spiritual heart the command, control and communication center of the human personality. God intended through a loving relationship for Adam to yield his heart to Him, and then in the covenant of love both would walk and talk together and exercise dominion in the Earth. Whoever rules the heart, gains control of the human personality and the authority which God vested in the personality to exercise the destiny of dominion in their sphere or spot in the Earth.

As believers turn their lives towards God, the spiritual heat is the critical spiritual doorway for their relationship with God to grow and mature as sons in the Son of God. If the spiritual heat is not open to God, then there is a very high risk and probability that the believers life will refocus on self and through the deceptive power of pride begin to try to relate to God through the soul. This results only in living by religious ceremonial forms which have no power to transform the inward spirit and renew the soul.

The key is inviting the Spirit of God to do divine CPR on the spiritual heart to revive the heart that it may function as God intended. Prayerfully consider the prophetic promise of Gods Word through Isaiah:

For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy, I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones (Isa 57:15).

Table of Contents


Emotions of the Spiritual Heart

A Matter of Life and Death

Beyond the Box

What One Thing Separates True Christianity from All Religions?

Understanding the Spiritual Heart

The Spiritual Heart According to Gods Word

Test Answers

Our Safe Place in Spirit

Here are the Answers to the Rest of the Questions

Alignment of Spirit and Soul

The Power of the Heart

The Mouth: A Faculty of Speech

Removing Deadness from the Heart

Defining the Scriptural Parameters for Activating the Spiritual Heart

Activation of the Spiritual Heart

Heart Series: A Brief Understanding of DNA Memory

The Law of Inheritance: Our Genetic Memory

Nine Day Prayer Guide for Transformation of the Spiritual Heart
Day 1: Fearfulness and Anxiety

Day 2: Deceit and Blindness

Day 3: Envy and Resentfulness

Day 4: Hatred and Bitterness

Day 5: Rebellion and Unteachableness

Day 6: Hopelessness

Day 7: Pride and Arrogance

Day 8: Sorrow and Despair

Day 9: Wickedness and Immorality

Caution: Only the Light of God can Expose

Inward Darkness

Reference Notes