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40 Names of the Holy Spirit
40 Names of the Holy Spirit by Fred Addo

Price: $14.99
Author: Fred Addo
Format: Paperback
Length: 182 Pages
Published: 2011

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What’s in a name?  Everything you ever wanted to know about the Holy Spirit is contained in this exciting and comprehensive book!  

The names of God represent a deliberate invitation to you to take advantage of what God can and wants to be in your life.  Whatever you call Him is what He will become to you.  Do you know all of His names?  How much deeper would you like to know the Comforter?

You will learn the following – and much more!
  • Seven symbols of the Holy Spirit
  • Names of the Holy Spirit
  • Seven Things Not to Do to the Holy Spirit
  • Twentyfold Relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • Fourfold Presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Seven Keys to Receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism

Each chapter concludes with points to ponder designed to stimulate and inspire you to reach a higher level of spiritual knowledge and living.  The Holy Spirit is your strengthener – learn how to enlist His personal help today!

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Who He Is
Chapter 1: What’s in a Name?
Chapter 2: How I Met the Holy Spirit
Chapter 3: Understanding the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4: Help Is Not on the Way
Chapter 5: Seven Symbols of the Holy Spirit
Part 2: What He Does
Chapter 6: Names of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 7: Communion of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 8: Seven Things Not to Do to the Holy Spirit
Chapter 9: Twentyfold Relationship with the Holy Spirit
Chapter 10: Fourfold Presence of the Holy Spirit
Part 3: His Place in Your Life
Chapter 11: Two Kinds of Baptism
Chapter 12: Speaking with Tongues
Chapter 13: Seven Keys to Receiving the Holy Spirit
Chapter 14: Ten Reasons Why You Do Not Need to Receive the Holy Spirit of Speak with Tongues
Chapter 15: The Fruit of the Spirit
Chapter 16: Let Us Pray
Chapter 17: How to Be Saved
My Decision


I have just finished reading this wonderful teaching book on the 40 Names of the Holy Spirit by my dear friend Bishop Fredrick Addo and confess it has convicted, blessed, and encouraged me beyond measure.  How brilliantly this compassionate, humble, and loving bishop reveals his amazing insight into the person and work of God the Holy Spirit.  After spending seven years in a theological university seminary followed by seventeen years as a local church pastor, then revived and baptized in the Holy Spirit and now leading an international evangelistic ministry, I thought I knew enough about the Holy Spirit.  This loving bishop has clearly taught me through these “love teaching” that there is always “more than enough” when you are hungry and thirsty for more of the Holy Spirit in your life.  After reading this book, obviously inspired by God, my cup is running over.  This book should be standard reading in every Bible and theological college.   Bishop Harry Westcott, Australia

This is no ordinary book; it is a dossier of rare insights on a popular and important subject – the Holy Spirit.  40 Names of the Holy Spirit has come at a pertinent time in Christendom.  In a world tending toward absolute humanism, this is the time to reiterate the realization that life is all about God.  Bishop Addo has blessed us again with a masterpiece that teaches us who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, and His place in our lives.  This is a great addition to the arsenal of God’s weaponry available to every Christian.  This book is loaded with spiritual nuggets to propel you into your next level in life.   Dr. Joe Ibojie, Best-selling author; Senior Pastor, The Father’s House, Aberdeen, UK

About the Author:

Dr. Fred Addo has preached to countless people in evangelistic crusades, leadership seminars, churches, and schools worldwide, with signs and wonders following.  Bishop Addo pastors the International Praise Cathedral in Kaduna, Nigeria.  His wife, Dr. Funbi Addo, is also a preacher.  Recently, the Lord led Bishop and Mrs. Addo out of pastoral ministry and into the mission field.