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101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare
101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare by Jennifer LeClaire

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Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Subtitle: Live a Life of Victory, Overcome the Enemy, and Break Demonic Cycles
Format: Paperback
Length: 216 Pages
Published: 2018

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Let’s face it, when the enemy attacks, it can be hard to remember which way is up. Demonic forces can come in like a flood and disorient your mind. They can drown you in hopelessness. Or you may be tempted to turn a blind eye to the spirits that intend to kill, steal, and destroy you. But let it be known, the devil still wreaks havoc on the earth today, and followers of Christ must use Spirit-inspired strategies to drive him out. You need a battle plan. You need specific tactics for specific skirmishes because whether or not you know it, you are in a war.

Offering both scriptures and prayers, 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare will empower you to take on an offensive rather than a defensive stance against the enemy. This book addresses how to:
  • Deal with demons from your past
  • Break the stranglehold of worry
  • Submit your emotions to the Holy Spirit
  • Take authority over the enemy

Jennifer LeClaire offers a practical battlefield manual that will remind you of the things one often forgets in the face of an enemy onslaught. Find rest in the midst of spiritual storms, break the power of Satan’s devices, and live a life of victory.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Ryan LeStrange
Introduction: What You Need to Know About Spiritual Warfare
Tactic 1: Speak the Name of Jesus
Tactic 2: Bind the Hand of the Enemy
Tactic 3: Loose God’s Warring Angels
Tactic 4: Praise the Lord
Tactic 5: Worship as Warfare
Tactic 6: Pray in the Spirit
Tactic 7: Plead the Blood of Jesus
Tactic 8: Break Word Curses
Tactic 9: Cast Down Imaginations
Tactic 10: Put on Your Shoes of Peace
Tactic 11: Put on Your Breastplate of Righteousness
Tactic 12: Put on Your Helmet of Salvation
Tactic 13: Wield the Sword of the Spirit
Tactic 14: Tighten Your Belt of Truth
Tactic 15: Lift Up Your Shield of Faith
Tactic 16: Run to Your Own company
Tactic 17: Repent: Strip the Enemy’s Rights
Tactic 18: Encourage Yourself in the Lord
Tactic 19: Remind the Devil of Past Victories
Tactic 20: Wage War with the Prophetic Words Over Your Life
Tactic 21: Engage in the Prayer of Agreement
Tactic 22: Refuse to Meditate on the Devil’s False Prophecies
Tactic 23: Stay Filled with the Spirit
Tactic 24: Break Wrong Alignments
Tactic 25: Cultivate Right Alignments
Tactic 26: Meditate on the Word of God
Tactic 27: Confess the Word of God
Tactic 28: Release the Prayer of Fervent Faith
Tactic 29: Break the Powers of the Enemy
Tactic 30: Stir Up the Gift of God in You
Tactic 31: Come against the Enemy
Tactic 32: Take Authority Over the Enemy
Tactic 33: Don’t Break Rank and Isolate Yourself
Tactic 34: Pray for Revelation of the Root
Tactic 35: Consume Spiritual Warfare Teaching
Tactic 36: Ask the Holy Spirit to Lead You in Battle
Tactic 37: Ask the Holy Spirit What Weapon to Use
Tactic 38: Break Demonic Cycles
Tactic 39: Run to the Battle Line
Tactic 40: Break Every Yoke
Tactic 41: Break the Stranglehold of Worry
Tactic 42: Break Deception Off Your Mind
Tactic 43: Call Your Intercessors
Tactic 44: Break Generational curses
Tactic 45: Wait Upon the Lord
Tactic 46: Pray the Apostolic Prayers
Tactic 47: Bless Your Enemies
Tactic 48: Submit Yourself to God
Tactic 49: Resist the Devil
Tactic 50: Sow a Seed
Tactic 51: Avoid Job’s Judgmental Friends
Tactic 52: Never Let the Devil See You Sweat
Tactic 53: Renew Your Mind in the Area of Attack
Tactic 54: Remember the Battle Is the Lord’s
Tactic 55: Refuse to Follow Your Emotions
Tactic 56: Reject the Temptation to Flesh Out in Frustration
Tactic 57: Walk by Faith and Not by Sight
Tactic 58: Set a Guard Over Your Mouth
Tactic 59: Pray for Wisdom in the Battle
Tactic 60: Shut Your Ears to the Accuser of the Brethren
Tactic 61: Don’t Blame God for the Warfare
Tactic 62: Use the Isaiah 22:22 Key
Tactic 63: Avoid Self-Pity
Tactic 64: Stop Whining About the Warfare
Tactic 65: Rejoice in the Lord
Tactic 66: Push Back the Darkness
Tactic 67: Withstand Weariness
Tactic 68: Stay Spiritually Alert
Tactic 69: Obliterate Fear
Tactic 70: Close the Door on Strife
Tactic 71: Make a Battle Plan
Tactic 72: Ask the Lord to Open Your Eyes to the Spirit Realm
Tactic 73: Make a Decision Not to Give UP
Tactic 74: Fast with Fear and Trembling
Tactic 75: Reject Presumption and Assumption in the Battle
Tactic 76: Remind God of His Promises
Tactic 77: Be Confident God Is on Your Side
Tactic 78: War from a Position of Victory
Tactic 79: Break Any and All Vows with the Enemy
Tactic 80: Pray for Those Who Persecute You
Tactic 81: Ask the Lord if This is Your Battle to Fight
Tactic 82: Act Like the Persistent Widow
Tactic 83: Overcome Evil with Good
Tactic 84: Bind Retaliation
Tactic 85: Declare God’s Vindicating Power
Tactic 86: Surrender Everything to God
Tactic 87: Chronicle your Warfare in a Journal
Tactic 88: Remember People are Not Your Enemy
Tactic 89: Don’t Beat the Air
Tactic 90: Deal with Demons from Your Past
Tactic 91: Avoid Spiritual Warfare Extremes
Tactic 92: Discern Spiritual Climates
Tactic 93: Remember You’re Not Fighting Alone
Tactic 94: Bind the Strongman
Tactic 95: Cast Your Cares on the Lord
Tactic 96: Overcome Demonic Overwhelm
Tactic 97: Break Thought Curses
Tactic 98: Seek Godly Counsel
Tactic 99: Don’t Underestimate Your Enemy
Tactic 100: Debrief After the Battle
Tactic 101: Use the Devil’s Momentum Against Him
Epilogue: A Prayer for Spiritual Warriors

About the Author:
Jennifer LeClaire is senior leader of the Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; founder of the Ignite prophetic network; cofounder of Awakening Blaze prayer movement; and author of many books.