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Sound the Shofar CD
Sound the Shofar CD

Price: $10.00
Author: Alan Fabian Glory of Zion
Format: CD

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Please note, this is the second iteration of this CD. The first version had no spoken word on it with just background music and the sounds of the shofar. This second version now has short snippets of teaching from Alan Faubion explaining the different sounds of the shofar. Unfortunatly the first edition is no longer available.

On this CD, Allen Faubion both shares on and demonstrates the power and anointing of sounding the shofar according to the command of the Lord.

The Spirit of God is moving throughout the earth and among God’s people to bring forth significant shifts and change. He is sending forth into the earth a sound to open the portals between heaven and earth. This sound of the Lord causes the heavenly realm to move on the earth and it opens the way for those on the earth to move in the heavenlies. From the earliest of times God chose the ram’s horn or "shofar” as one of His instruments to release this sound. Awesome things take place when the shofar sounds according to the command of the Lord God Almighty. Walls fall down (Jericho), enemies are destroyed (Gideon), the presence of God manifests (Sinai), and God’s people enter into the covenant cycle of blessing God has prepared for us (Feasts).Sound the Shofar!