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Celebrate Passover
Celebrate Passover by Joan Lipis

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Author: Joan Lipis
Subtitle: The Three Tables Haggadah - A Messianic Celebratio
Format: Paperback
Length: 56 Pages
Published: 2012

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Congratulations! Youve made a God pleasing decision to celebrate Jesus the Passover Lamb. Although the command to celebrate Passover was first given to Israel, Passover, as do all Gods feasts, belong to the entire community of believers, both Jewish and Gentile.

This haggadah takes you from the Table of Moses in Egypt, to the Table of Jesus in an upper room in Jerusalem, and culminates in heaven at the banquet table for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Take your seat at the table. Behold the Lion of Judah, looking like a lamb that was slain. Jesus is waiting to drink the fourth cup, the Cup of the Kingdom with you, His Bride.

Table of Contents


Order of Service


The Table of Moses

The Table of Jesus

Shulchan Orech: Dinner

The Table of Jesus (Continued)

The Marriage Supper


Supplemental Notes

Explanation of Terms

About the Author

Joan Lipis is a Jewish believer in Jesus whom she calls by His Hebrew name, Yeshua. Author of several books about the feasts of the Lord, she now introduces you to a unique approach to the traditional Passover Seder. Joan grew up in a reform (liberal) Jewish home. In her late twenties she started a search for a greater knowledge of God and an understanding of what it meant to be Jewish. After living as an Orthodox Jew for a few years, her search ended at the cross of Christ.

A graduate from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, she now directs Novea Ministries, sharing Gods love through Jesus the Messiah to Israel and the nations.